Friday, February 12, 2016

Rockin' the puzzle.....

My girl LOVES puzzles. She spends countless hours each day working on her newest one. She was blessed with bunches of puzzles at Christmas and now has a wide variety to choose from. She does any amount of pieces but her favorites are the 1,000 pieces. She can rock one of those babies out in a little over a week! The 750 piece ones take her about 3 days and the 500 piece puzzles she can knock out of the park in about a day and a half! She started on a giraffe puzzle after this above one and has only a couple more pieces until she's done. She is such a forward thinker that she already knows which is her next one to work on.....the London one with Big Ben in it. :) 
Way to go Kyalynn!!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Cornea Abrasion

Because life around the Lease household is so boring and dull (HA!) our little Samuel had to spice things up. 
smile emoticon
 He has a "significant cornea abrasion" in his left eye. As the eye dr. was examining the damage he realized the "offending foreign object" was lodged in his upper eyelid. Well of course! We do things right around here! LOL! 
The object (a piece of wood!) was removed and little man is on antibiotics for inflammation. 
But the best part is that  although Samuel is semi-verbal he very clearly said "steady, steady" as the doctor put the big machine up to his eye and was looking into it. :) 
The boy is such a riot! 
He's my sweet spicy little guy!

Happy Monday everyone!

Monday, November 23, 2015

So many good things....

My little herd.....:)

A field trip to a local dairy farm...
this little calf was everyone's favorite!
He loved to nibble their shirts and suck their fingers.
Nolan declared that we needed a calf....LOL!

Just playing in the sand...
the boys building and engineering
Gabriella making her infamous sand pies
Kyalynn.....reading of course! :)

This was our annual Harvest Party. 
This year was dubbed "the greatest" because big bro Ryan
joined in the fun! 
Just check out Sean and Ryan eyeing each other up before the 
sack race....:)

And they're off.....

This was at a science museum for Kyalynn's birthday.
It was spectacular!!

And here is our birthday girl....
I can't even believe she is 13!!
So, so precious....

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Hot off the press!!

Hot off the press
and just in time 
for Christmas!!

This is my first book in the Ransomed Series. 

The Ransomed Series is a group of books
detailing the lives of orphans around the world. 
Each book touches on the specific situations, problems, hardships, etc. 
of children waiting for families in a specific country. 

I am still working on book #2.....
I know, I know 
but give me some slack 
it's hard finding uninterrupted time 
to write around here. :)

it's coming along nicely.

Spoiler Alert: 
The next book, a mystery, takes some wild twists and turns!

So, won't you come along for the ride?
I promise you will 
and learn.

Please contact me if you would like to purchase a signed copy or two, for Christmas. :)
You can reach me at: blessedby7atyahoodotcom

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Civil War....

Oh my goodness if the Civil War was this cute no shots would have ever been fired! :)
We are just finishing up our lesson plans on this terrible war. The kids (and I!) have learned so much!
We've spent time on the local battlefield, spent hours reading, researching, watching and listening about the facts, the music, the food, the history, the medicine (pretty much non-existent - amputation was BIG back then!), the diseases, the who, what, where, why and when, and all things soldiers. This was one of our field trips to a museum. We had the whole place to ourselves! 

Kyalynn rolls me! She played the part well! LOL!

And doesn't Connor look like one of those old black and white soldier pictures?! 

An actual tree from the battlefield. You could see the bullets still in it!!

I know this is blurry but I had to post it because of Sam.
 His full of personality!
Btw, this is when he started telling me he wanted to leave.
 He had had enough museum by then! :)

This is more his speed....
The top of the tower. 8 flights up! 
Mommy was a little nervous going up but holy smokes 
going down mommy was a basket case! LOL! 

Um, did I mention Sam has no fear?!
Um, did I also mention that he thought it would be great fun 
to RUN down the 8 flights of steps?!
And um, did I mention he DID NOT want to appease me by holding onto the railing?! 

See that tiny white van down there?? 
Yep, that's ours and up close she's HUGE!
That just gives you an idea of perspective......
and why I was a tad bit concerned. :)

The infamous Devil's Den. Quite a story! One of their assignments was to
go to a very large tree that was here and inspect it. Then they were to imagine what the tree would have seen, felt and thought before, during and after the battle. The stories they wrote were really, really good! I love how each of them had their own perspective and how none of the stories were even remotely similar. 

We acted out the battle as we had read about it. 
We even had a drum and flags.
We gave the other tourists a show. LOL! 

Another tower but much lower to the ground! Only 3 flights up! 

I love how much the kids retain and that they love to share their knowledge.
The big brothers, daddy, and the grandparents often get a lesson on the Civil War when
they are here. :)

Monday, October 19, 2015

These Two....

Oh be still my heart! 
These two boys bring so much laughter and joy to my world!

I mean just look at that smile....


Uh oh, 2 Spidermen?!

Um, what exactly are they doing? 
Looks like Spidey Yoga....

Just playing it cool for the camera....

Now there's the true colors coming out....:)

Friday, October 9, 2015

What do I have to offer?

Friends, this has been heavy on my heart these last days. 
 I often think my days filled with laundry, schooling, cooking and loving seem like such a small stone to throw in this big 'ole lake of  life. 
I lie awake some nights wondering how I can live out what God has planned for me.
I know it just can't be me. I'm certain there are many reading this right now that have often wondered the same thing. I mean, we're ladies, right?! We are ALWAYS thinking about something! :) 

The world is struggling friends. 
There is craziness on every side.
 Fear runs rampant among us. 
We just want to hunker down under a pile of soft blankets with just our eyes peeping out. 
We want to hide. 
And this is when then small stone can make a BIG difference! 

Sweet friends, if  you are so blessed to be home serving your family - then serve them well.  If you are a working momma - be thankful you have a job and serve your employer well! If you are a single momma - take heart God is on your side. He will NEVER fail you or your kids! If you aren't a mom at all - then live your life with abandon for God! You have the ability of undivided focus that those of us with spouses and kids don't have.

 Your life may only be a small stone but goodness friends, small stones can make a big impact. When the kids are at the lake throwing in stones it doesn't matter the size it always, always changes the water! 
Even the smallest stone changes the smooth surface of the pond or lake. It sends forth ripples out across that surface that surprises us due to its' size.  

The time is now.
 We need to live our lives with intention.
 We need to let our small stones make an impact on this world. 
We might not think we have anything to offer but that's just a lie that we choose to believe because those blankets are too safe and we like our comfort more than making a difference. 
The world NEEDS what we have to offer even if it is small. 
Because after all, small stones can make a BIG difference just look at what a small stone did to Goliath! 

(1st Samuel 17: 49-50)  Reaching into his bag and taking out a stone, he slung it and struck the Philistine on the forehead. The stone sank into his forehead, and he fell face down on the ground.
50 So David triumphed over the Philistine with a sling and a stone; without a sword in his hand he struck down the Philistine and killed him.
So please friends, throw your stone.
 Throw it hard.
 Throw it strong.
 Throw it far.
 Don't worry that it's too small....God is excellent at multiplication! :)