Friday, March 20, 2015

Home Ec....

My kids love to help in the kitchen. 
They each have one night a week they help with dinner. 
In fact, Gabriella has become such a pro on Friday nights that she makes the homemade pizza all on her own! YAY!! :)
I decided to do a concentrated study on nutrition with the kids. 
It was so eye-opening to them and myself! We actually spent time discussing the ingredients in some of their favorite foods. They learned to identify the real stuff from the fake. They are able to look at the ingredient list and tell right away if this is something we should be eating or avoiding, and believe me, they are quick to tell me how many sugar grams are in a product! LOL! 
Of  course we needed to include cooking and baking in this study (mom says with chagrin). 
It's not the actual cooking and baking that I mind, 
it's the terrible mess 5 little ones can make! 
Anyhow, some of our favorite things we made were: cinnamon sugar snowflakes, the BEST banana bread I have ever eaten!, soft pretzels, homemade goldfish (except we used a shamrock cookie cutter). 
They are still talking about it and "can't wait to do it again". 

Kyalynn with her snowflakes

Nolan sportin' his smile and shirt on backwards and inside out... LOL!

Gabriella's masterpieces

Connor's yummy products

Homemade shamrock crackers

Teamwork on the pretzels 

Rolling, rolling, rolling

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Enjoying the sunshine with hikes in the woods....

Tying ourselves up in knots.....

Enjoying free ice cream cones from DQ....yummy!

Desperately trying to see the beauty in each and every moment afforded us....
even the simple stuff....
ESPECIALLY the simple stuff. 

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Delightful times two!

Miss Gabriella....our littlest princess.
 She truly dreams of living in a castle
and wearing all manner of sparkly jewelry and divine dresses. :) 

I love how her face lights up when Samuel joins in the picture. 
She is our resident giggler! LOL!
She is usually giggling or laughing about something. 
And her giggles are infectious! Once she gets going it isn't too long
before everyone is giggling too. 
Of course, that just makes her giggle
even more. :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

My girl.....My girl...

I was blessed this Christmas to receive a wonderful puzzle from my Nolan.  He knows I love puzzles and I do but.....this one was just way too hard for my brain. LOL! It's all camo! So my sweet Kyalynn took over. She worked and worked and worked on it for many, many weeks until one day I heard "I did it! Mommy I done!" And low and behold she had put together for the first time ever, not only a 300 piece puzzle but also a camouflaged one to boot! Way to go Kyalynn! 
You ROCK! :)

P.S. She is currently at work on her newest puzzle...1,000 pieces. Another one that just has so many like colors that it hurts my brain. She has quite a bit of it together already. Oh and that is after we've had balls, heads, bodies, books, you name it, crashed into the puzzle board while Miss Kyalynn is working away on it. Usually she will say, "Oh, sorry" and just continue working. LOL! 

P.P.S. After she completed the Duck Dynasty puzzle Sean glued it together and it now stands in Kyalynn's bedroom. :)

Monday, March 9, 2015

Pot of Gold....

So our Samuel T. will be turning 5 years old in a matter of days. Here he is sporting his toothless smile. :) After weeks and weeks of wiggling he lost not one but two teeth within a day or so of each other! My baby is growing up. Why does that bring a lump to my throat? Big sigh's all good! Grandbabies will be coming soon (hopefully!) LOL! 

Anyhow, my precious Sammy. Oh my goodness he is the sweetest, funniest, most active child. He is always smiling. And he has the most delightful gap-toothed smile of anybody I've ever seen! 

He has stolen our hearts and that brings me to the title of this post. Sean and I have often talked about if we knew then what we know now would we still choose to go through all the hard again. 
The hard of R.A.D. (reactive attachment disorder) and mental health disorders. 
Would we do it again??

The answer is yes, we would because this little pot of gold at the end of our rainbow family is sooooooooooooooooooooo  worth it! 
There are days, many, many days when I think "what were we thinking?" because the hard is all-consuming but then I look at my sweet Samuel and I am reminded that it all has been worth it! 

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Wearing the tires off...

Once upon a time there were these two little boys. 
These boys loved to be outside and spent hours upon hours 
riding their big wheels up and down the driveway.  
They fly down the drive at the speed of light, their laughter echoing against the trees.
They have become so skilled that now they will spin donuts at the end. 
Be still my rapidly beating momma's heart 
as I scurry behind them screaming "BE CAREFUL!" :)

These two boys climb off and race back to the top to do it all over again. 
They have literally worn the tires off of their beloved "cycles". 
Of the 3 we own every single one of them have been rode hard. 
Tires are worn off, or have whole parts missing.
Doesn't stop these boys!
It just makes them giggle harder as they bumpity-bump down the road. :)

As I mentioned we had one good day where we could actually see the black of our driveway
and they were so excited. However, even when the driveway was covered in snow and yes, even ice!
you could still find them barreling down the drive on their "cycles". 

We are excited for the yard sales to start up so we can go looking for some gently used ones. 
There are two boys needing a new "ride".  :)

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Ah's been full of snow, ice, snow, more ice, oh and yes, more snow! LOL! Today was the first day we've been able to see the blacktop of our driveway for MONTHS! I kid you not! And as I type we have another big storm rolling in calling for upwards of 6" of snow. Goodbye was good to see you for a bit. :) 
We are thanking God that we have the mountain taxi with chains to get us up and down the driveway otherwise it would be a VERY LONG WINTER! 

The kids sledding trail froze over and they loved being able to slide fast without sleds! 
Oh and yes, I am one of those worried moms that make my children wear helmets to sled.
Actually...this sounds crazy but they were even wearing helmets to just be outside because it was so darn icy! It's a good thing too because we had several slips resulting in helmets hitting the ground. Much better than little heads! :0)

Kyalynn loves the trampoline!

A winter walk at the State Park. Cold and deserted but beautiful just the same.

Do you think Samuel has a big personality?! Really? What makes you say that?! LOL!

Nolan counting money and change. 
This little man is doing amazing with his schooling! 

The other 3 amigos working hard at school. :)
 We are rolling right along and they are all doing well.

One of their favorite parts is for me to start a story by writing the first line or two and have them finish it. They love to write! It's fun hearing their very different takes on the same story.