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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sunny South Carolina

We just returned from a much needed vacation to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. It was gorgeous! Although truthfully, with 3 toddlers with varying special needs, it was more work than usual....but I'll take more work than usual at Myrtle Beach anytime! LOL!

This was Gabriella's first taste of the beach life and she took to it swimmingly. She gets that from her momma!! LOL! Kyalynn woke up every morning saying "beach" or "swim". When we were on the beach she was in the water most of the time. Forget building sand castles....this girl was here to swim! Connor liked both the water and the sand but preferred swimming in the pool where he could go underwater and open his eyes. He holds his breath and has pretty much taught himself how to swim! He told us he was a humpback whale as he put his head under again and again and again. Zachary and Ryan took advantage of all the extras...the exercise room, the indoor pool, the outdoor pool, the Lazy River, the game room, etc. They are so handsome, they really do look like surfer dudes!
This was the second year we went with my parents and I just have to applaud them for being willing to vacation with us. They have got a ton of patience and grace to withstand 7 days with us because let's just say there's not much "peace and quiet" with our family around! LOL!
So it was wonderful to go and I must say, wonderful to come home. I love my home and am loving getting back to the normal rountine of life. Hey, if I want to remember the beach all I need to do is go play in the little ones' sandbox! Um, nope, not quite the same.....AAAHHHH, sunny South Carolina!!