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A Prayer

I love you God no matter what the days ahead hold I will trust and love you and put my faith in you at all cost. No matter what. Keep me in your presence and grow my faith through you. Help me love others the way you love me with the brilliance of that light evident in my life, my eyes and my heart. Fill my desires with yours and take my life and give me yours of compassion, love, hope, peace, joy and most of all... love. Amen. Written by Ryan


"because the love of God isshed abroadin our hearts by the Holy Ghost which is given to us." Romans 5:5 (KJV)
To shed abroad means to cover everything in it's path for a long distance. Dogs shed their hair and it gets everywhere, on everything. Abroad means far away. So in this context, I imagine God's love is covering ever possible inch of my heart with His love.

"For we know how dearly God loves us because He has given us the Holy Spirit tofill our heartswith His love." Romans 5:5 (NLT)
Here it says our hearts are filled. When I think of filled, I picture a gas tank where the gas will run out if I don't stop pumping....I picture a cup filled to the brim....a sponge so full of liquid it can't possibly hold one ounce more.

"Quite the contrary - we can't round up enough containers to hold everything God generouslypoursinto our lives through the Holy Spirit." Romans 5:5 (The Message)
This is the translation that speaks to me the…

That's my boy, two!!

Ryan, 13, is the most creative person I know! He is also very gifted and talented in a wide variety of things. He, too, skateboards and has trophies and prizes and is sponsored just like his brother. However, he also has the gift of music and songwriting as well. I'm telling you this boy can write songs like nobody's business! I can't believe the depth of the songs he writes! He has hundreds of songs, mostly praise and worship songs, but there is a spattering of country and hard rock as well. They all testify to God's goodness and love and just drop me to my knees, with tears in my eyes for thankfulness to God for allowing me to parent this talented child. He plays guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, really anything he can get his hands on he can make music with! God's gifting on him is strong! We just wait and watch to see what God has planned to do in him and through him in the coming years! Ryan, you ROCK! We love you!

That's my boy!!

Zachary, 15, was first introduced to skateboarding while we were on a missions trip in West Virginia with several teenagers. He was only about 6 or 7 at that point. He came home with a strong desire to learn all he could about skating. He has competed and won in countless competitions thru the years. When people ask him what he wants to do with his life his answer, (which has held steady for many years) is that he wants to be a pro Christian Skateboarder. Although we have supported him we have tried to redirect his future focus but he remains undeterred. I'm not sure what God has planned for him but I do know that we can see God's hand moving him and blessing him in his skateboarding. He has opened so many new doors this last year and Zachary has been able to tour and do skateboarding demonstrations that have an Evangelical Impact! He is sponsored by a Christian Skateboarding Company, and that is such a HUGE blessing to us, his parents, because there…

To the world's BEST Daddy

I tuck them in bed and I kiss them goodnight, Tripping over the toys as I turn out the light. And I whisper a prayer that someday they'll see They've got a father in God cause they've seen Jesus in me. "I Want to Be Just Like You", Phillips, Craig and Deen

Happy Father's Day Sean! To the man who has been my best friend for nearly 18 years, the man who works without complaint in the blistering heat and the freezing cold working construction, the man who wrestles his boys and gently and lovingly cuddles his girls, the man who walks with integrity and character each day, and always, always points us to Jesus.....thank you so very much! Your legacy is your children that love and adore you and want to be just like you! We love you higher than the mountains, deeper than the oceans, more than you'll ever know!! "Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward. As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth…

Stylin' ?

Picture of my son Ryan who is always "stylin' "!
I am definately NOT a fashion plate. I don't even know what the current styles are and even if I did I could not afford to change my wardrobe to fit the latest "trend". Styles change so quickly and continue to circle back around that I figure my clothes will be back "in fashion" again at some point! LOL!

In my study time this morning I came across an old truth that struck my heart anew. I am so excited about it! Especially since I lack in the fashion department. Listen to this....

Now you're dressed in a new wardrobe. Every item of your new way of life is custom-made by the Creator, with His label on it. All of the old fashions are now obsolete. So, chosen by God for this new life of love, dress in the wardrobe God picked out for you: compassion, kindness, humility, quiet strength, discipline. Be even-tempered, content with second place, quick toforgive an offense. Forgive quickly and completely a…

Ummmm, tasty!

Taste and see that the Lord is good; Psalm 34:8 Summer is the perfect time for this. Watermelon, cantaloupe, fresh garden veggies and nothing beats the taste of "just picked from my sister-in-law's garden"~ strawberries. Yum! As we ponder God's goodness to us daily, let us not forget to stand in awe of Him and His creation. Let's truly taste and see that the Lord is good!

Just look at that smile!

Tomorrow is Connor's 2nd "Gotcha Day". That means that we will be celebrating meeting Connor at the Michigan Airport and welcoming him into our hearts and home. We usually celebrate by eating homemade Korean food, watching the video of when they arrived, look at their pictures, and tell them their story of how they were so their birthmom, their foster mom and now their forever mommy. We are so proud of their Korean heritage and hope to instill that in them as well.
Now, about the man of the hour... Well for sure, he is ALL BOY! We chose Connor off of a waiting child listing. He was 2 1/2 years old, had special needs and the most amazing smile! It was love at first sight! We couldn't wait to hold him in our arms and when we were finally able to hold him in our arms, he didn't stay there long. He was too curious and busy. LOL! He is so full of life, love and laughter. He never ceases to make us laugh! He has such an inquisitive mind that we say he will b…