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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

That's my boy, two!!

Ryan, 13, is the most creative person I know! He is also very gifted and talented in a wide variety of things. He, too, skateboards and has trophies and prizes and is sponsored just like his brother. However, he also has the gift of music and songwriting as well. I'm telling you this boy can write songs like nobody's business! I can't believe the depth of the songs he writes! He has hundreds of songs, mostly praise and worship songs, but there is a spattering of country and hard rock as well. They all testify to God's goodness and love and just drop me to my knees, with tears in my eyes for thankfulness to God for allowing me to parent this talented child. He plays guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, really anything he can get his hands on he can make music with! God's gifting on him is strong! We just wait and watch to see what God has planned to do in him and through him in the coming years! Ryan, you ROCK! We love you!