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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

That's my boy!!

Zachary, 15, was first introduced to skateboarding while we were on a missions trip in West Virginia with several teenagers. He was only about 6 or 7 at that point. He came home with a strong desire to learn all he could about skating. He has competed and won in countless competitions thru the years. When people ask him what he wants to do with his life his answer, (which has held steady for many years) is that he wants to be a pro Christian Skateboarder. Although we have supported him we have tried to redirect his future focus but he remains undeterred. I'm not sure what God has planned for him but I do know that we can see God's hand moving him and blessing him in his skateboarding. He has opened so many new doors this last year and Zachary has been able to tour and do skateboarding demonstrations that have an Evangelical Impact! He is sponsored by a Christian Skateboarding Company, and that is such a HUGE blessing to us, his parents, because there is ALOT of junk in the skateboarding scene! I can't say enough about Zachary's maturity and spiritual growth in the last year or so. God has allowed Zachary to participate in what HE'S doing countless times and there is no honor on earth that compares to that! We are standing back and watching what God is doing in his life and are constantly amazed! We love you Zack and are so proud of who you are!!!