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In His Father's Steps

Our son Zack is quite the carpenter! He has surprised me with his abilities and his talent. Earlier this summer he built a railing and a hand railing for my brother's deck which he did completely on his own. From figuring the material to the finished product it was all his baby. The picture shows his finished product.

He has also been busy this summer with helping put on a small addition to our home. He's done alot of it while Sean is working during the day. It's coming together nicely! Here are some beginning pictures....

And some current pictures...

Our cup runneth over....

Our home is not quiet. EVER! Well, except when everyone is sleeping or no one is home.
There is always someone talking, singing, laughing, fighting, yelling, screaming, or wrestling (for fun!). Sometimes in the wee early morning hours you can hear Kyalynn in her room singing at the top of her lungs, having a great time. When the boys are cleaning the kitchen they always have the radio turned too loud (typical teens!), or the guys (all 4 of them) will spontaneously start wrestling in the living room as the girls and I cheer them on. All meals, but especially dinner, will find us in lively conversations on a variety of topics. And throughout the day you will hear Connor roaring like a dinosaur, Kyalynn talking or singing (that's usually nonstop!) and Gabriella laughing as Connor the dinosaur chases her. Of course, I must confess, there's also a smattering of mom yelling at someone for something. All in all it makes for a very satisfying life. There isn't much quiet but there…

Sportin' a new 'Do

What a surprise it was to all of us that Connor was a barber in the making! Ryan and Connor share a bedroom and apparently Ryan was using scissors and forgot to put them away. We had no idea and put Connor to bed like normal. Well, Mr. Gadget Guy (aka Connor) never misses nothing and found them and proceeded to cut his hair. We found out this wonderful bit of info late last night as Ryan woke us to ask me if I had cut Connor's hair! The rest is history....
When Connor woke up today we didn't mention anything and had him look in the mirror. He says "I got a haircut". We asked him how and he said "it was too long". We said did Ryan do it? He said "no, I did it!" Proud as can be........ugh.....boys!!!

Needless to say, I guess I'll be giving him a total shave down sometime today.

What have I been up to??

Well, let me tell you....I live in a Fairy Tale Land. I've been known to feed the Big Bad Wolf, kiss the little piggies, and shoot indians (with my camera!) There is also one very handsome firefighter that frequents my living room. There are so many characters to play and so little time.

We've read some books so many times that my little ones can "read" them back to me and oh yeah, correct me if I forget a page or even a paragraph.

Each day brings new things to learn, see and do. Thank you God that I am home to enjoy watching my children grow and am able to participate in this "Fairy Tale Land".