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Friday, November 23, 2007


For some reason I just love this word. It makes me feel safe, secure, warm and fuzzy. I guess to me, it means "making family memories" and I'm all about that! When the boys were very small we decided we would begin establishing our own family traditions. Not to eradicate our childhood traditions but to have our very own for our family. Sometimes these ideas worked and other times they just didn't feel like a fit so we tried new ideas. I love that now we have 3 little ones that get to enjoy and ooh and aah over these fun traditions. I thought I'd share just a couple that are the most meaningful to me.....

Sean and the boys always do the potatoes for holiday meals. From start to finish it's their job and they do make some mean mashed potatoes! LOL!

We have a tv in our home but we do not watch it except for very rare cases and for the Macy's Day Parade. Our reception is not very good so you have to watch amidst fuzz and snow but it's always a treat to watch the parade. This year you could hear a loud chorus of shouts and cheers when the big Dora balloon made it's way down the parade route. Here's the little ones enjoying the parade.

And one more.....we always cut down our Christmas tree from our mountain. We hike back into the woods and spend a long time trying to find the perfect tree. Then it's the guys job to cut it down and carry it home. Last year was Connor's first year helping with the sawing and the carrying. It was really neat to see his excitement and joy with such a simple thing.

So these are just a few of our family traditions. Memories that will help to unify our family and give them something to look back on and fondly remember, individually and also together, long after Sean and I are gone.

What are your family traditions? I'd love to hear them!!


steffany said...

I love it! What great ideas. We are still trying different family traditions. One that sticks out though, is our Valentines Day tradition. You know how on Valentines Day, you can never find a sitter and the restaurants are crowded? We decided to do something different. Instead of finding a babysitter and joining the crowd, we have our kids make dinner for us. It is really quite cute. They make dinner (a frozen lasagna, salad) something easy, set the table in fancy stuff, light candles and stuff, then they choose different roles. One kid might serve the food, while another checks if we need anything and they designate the "baby watcher" the one who is responsible for entertaining the young one. It has been a huge success. They work together as a team, they cook, do the dishes,and serve. They also get to see a husband and wife love eachother, they become a part of the romance, the foundation outside of Christ, of a loving family.