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Monday, December 17, 2007

Exciting Christmas Party

Each year we gather all together as a family and hold the Annual Family Christmas Party. When I was little I looked forward to this event all year! We always held it Christmas Eve but as our family grew it became more difficult to hold it then due to travel, prior commitments, etc., so we now hold it whenever it works best which this year was last Sunday. Since the family has grown so large we now hold it at a firehall which is so great! There is plenty of room for the kids to run and play, lots of seating and they always have it decorated so that's one less thing for us to do. We have one of the men dress like Santa for the little ones and he hands out the presents. It is a requirement that you must sit on santa's lap for the first present so everyone can take pictures. It's like a Hollywood red carpet event with all the flashes from the camera's going off. LOL!

We don't take our kids to sit on santa's lap at the mall or anything so Gabriella was not sure she trusted this man in the red suit and white beard. When it was her turn to sit on santa's lap Ryan took her up but she screamed and tried to get away however, by the 3rd gift she had it figured in red=presents! LOL! When he called her name she said "yes" and ran right up to get her gift!

Note: Connor has his hat on in all the pictures, not to be cool but to cushion his head wound from last week.

So we are all sitting talking and eating when in rushes a man saying call 911 there's been a chainsaw accident!! So most everyone rushes to the door to look out and see what's going on. They bring this man in and lay him on the hallway floor! I was not one that wanted to see this but I was told he was cut and bleeding pretty badly. We had a major ice storm here and apparently, this man had a tree leaning towards his house so they rigged a chain to the tree and were trying to cut it and pull it down away from the house. The other guys helping realized it wasn't going to work and left the chain go but this man didn't let loose and the momentum from the falling tree caused the chain to fly up and hit this man right in his face. He was lashed from his cheek to above his eye socket. They had to Lifeline him out to a trauma center. So, we all watched out the windows as the helicopter flew in and then as they loaded him to fly him out. It was surely a Family Christmas Party that won't soon be forgotten!

Boy, I hope next years is not quite so exciting.....