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Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Need to Ask

The simple heart that freely asks in love, obtains. - John Greenleaf Whittier
Asking is one of the hardest things we will ever do because it assumes a position of need. Jesus tells us to ask of Him, but most of us pass by this statement and never truly relate to it. We look at it like some kind of Santa Claus promise: We sit on Jesus' lap and ask for things (all of which we could do without) in a department-store culture full of nonessentials.
There's nothing deprecating about this kind of asking; because we fail to take the command to ask seriously, He never takes us seriously. Because we can't see this as more than a spiritual wish list, we dismiss the notion entirely. We don't ask because we don't seek to find out what Jesus desires in our asking.
Asking has nothing to do with sitting on Jesus' lap. Asking is a way of life with an open hand. To ask is to depend on someone other than yourself. It is very humbling. Asking indicates: I don't know. I failed. I ran out. I can't find it. I'm not sure. I don't understand. I forgot. I didn't listen. I didn't care. I was wrong. I'm not prepared. I need more information. I came up short.
There's an interesting dilemma here for Christians. If Christianity is no more than a system that answers all of life's questions, then to admit any of the above shortcomings is to be something less than a good Christian. But in our own attempts to be good Christians, we undermine our need for God. We want Christianity to work. We want it to exist in a closed system where every question has an answer, every problem a solution. We want to show the world a neat, clean, open-and-shut case for Christianity. But in the process, we unknowingly shut out God.
Claiming to be wise, we become fools; we exchange the truth of God for a lie and worship the created things (our systems, principles, and formulas) rather than the Creator, Who is forever blessed.
That's why Jesus says we should ask. Asking puts us back on track with God. It assumes a need relationship with Him- a hand-to-mouth spiritual existence. A vulnerable daily dependence. In a society that rushes to fill every felt need, that steals away the soul of a person and offers to sell it back at a price, we need to rekindle what it means to ask God.
Ask, Jesus says. Ask. It's so simple - like a child. Ask. And when you receive, keep on asking. Don't accept a fake fill. Live in your thirst and you will live in Him. Open your hand. Ask.
Until now you have not asked for anything in my name. Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete. John 16:24 NIV
God is true; His promises are sure to those who seek. M.B. Plantz
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