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Monday, February 18, 2008

Odds and Ends...

Connor lost his first tooth. He just turned 5! He already has 2 big teeth through the gums behind the baby teeth. One day he yells to me "well, I did it". Being the curious person I am, I ran upstairs and there was Connor holding his tooth in his hand. He pulled it out all on his own! Way to go Connor!

Around here, we tend to get really excited about the little things. When our little ones reach a new milestone, or accomplish something they have been working at we cheer, jump up and down and even have a little chant that goes "way to go (fill in the name) way to go, woo, woo! Mind you, this isn't just the first time they do this new thing, but EVERYTIME. We have been working on potty training Kyalynn forever and I think (she says in hushed tones) I think, she may have got it, by George. This is a cause for celebration! Gabriella, too, has done remarkably well potty training the last couple of weeks, so I'm hopefully holding my breath that she's got it too!

Kyalynn has surprised us alot lately. She has started playing dress up and make believe. She plays with a baby doll (this is HUGE! She would never look at a doll, or toy, etc. with a face. She would freak out.) She is drawing, coloring, painting and tried her hand at scissors but doesn't have the dexterity to use them yet. I know for most kids these things are no-brainers but for our precious ones they are milestones to be celebrated. Kyalynn is talking better and when she spits out a full sentence it never ceases to thrill us. Lately, she's been wearing the famed pink cowboy boots and a cowboy hat and shouting "stick 'em up" It is so cute!

I tend to see these things as glimpses of God's miracles in our lives. Each one gives us hope. God is working it all out for His glory, I see it everyday in my home. My gifts, my special needs children, teach me more about God's grace, strength, love and laughter, than I've learned in all my 36 years of life. Oh God, you are so good! Thank you!