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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Safely Home...

Well, my boys are now safely home. They are tired, achy and full of stories about their time away. We've watched videos of them and saw a ton of pictures already. They are glad to be home but what an incredible time they had!!

First and most importantly, for those praying for them, thank you! Your prayers have brought a substantial least 20 new believers into the Kingdom!!!!!!! Awesome!!!! Far exceeding the 5 we were praying for but isn't that like our ABUNDANT God?!

Second, they were incredibly blessed by the hospitality and friendship of the church there. It really ministered to our boys and that's what they keep talking about....the youth pastors, the kids, the way they were loved and taken care of. What a church should look like!

Thirdly, they have videos I am so wanting to post for your viewing pleasure but I have to figure it out first. Maybe tomorrow in my "spare" time. LOL!!

Praising God tonight! Sweet Dreams....


Brandi said...

Oh yeah!!! Both for those new sweet people into His kingdom and for your fam to be learning and growing in the process.


steffany said...

Oh, I can't wait to see the videos. How exciting.

Tell your boys..
Well done good and faithful servant.
Praises to God.

Major Mom said...

How humbled, thankful and surprised I was today. I cannot express my gratitude in words for the blessing in the mail I got today. You just have no idea what that meant to me. What a special, kind and good woman you are. I posted pictures of us opening it on my blog. With deepest gratitude, Trisha:)

Brandi said...

Hi. . .where are you?


Stepping Out of the Boat said...