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Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Daddy's Love...

Sean is the best daddy in the universe! Just ask our kids, they will agree. When Sean comes home from work, watch out, because if you are in the way you will be tackled by the kids as they run to greet daddy and give him hugs and kisses! They just love being with him and it’s so fun to see him playing and interacting with them.

As we watched Kyalynn's homecoming video the other night I was again reminded of God's heart for us by seeing my husband's emotions when meeting our daughter for the first time. God's love for us is not contingent on what we can do for Him or how good we are. (Hallelujah!) He loves us because He is love. He can't wait until we come to Him and He can finally hold us. I'm sure He feels the same sort of emotions Sean did....relief, boundless love, fierce protectiveness, and pure joy!

As I mentioned before, Sean had many fears about loving "someone else's child" but when he laid eyes on our precious, new daughter that all changed...immediately. His heart knew no limits on love for his little girl and he knew she was his daughter. Because Sean gave Kyalynn love she now loves in return...deeply.

I could never put into words what this does for my mommy heart but more importantly, for my respect and admiration for this man!

He really is amazing! He teaches our kids character, integrity, honesty, and godliness by his example. Sean came from a broken home but you could never tell this as you watch him loving on his kids. Like I said, he’s the best daddy in the universe!!!

Thank you Father God for daddies who model you and your love to their children. What a wonderful way for our children to know Your character and want to know You personally. Amen.