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Monday, March 3, 2008

Kyalynn..our Korean Princess...

March 4th is Kyalynn's "Gotcha Day". The day we held her in our arms for the very first time. So many memories....I still cry looking at the pictures. This little girl had been in my heart for years and now she was FINALLY in my arms! Her adjustment was wonderfully smooth compared to our other ones and she has and will always be our princess. The title fits her so well. It's hard to believe she has been home 4 years now.

So here's a few tidbits about Kyalynn.....

1. Kyalynn loves to sing and can hear a song once and have it memorized. She sings it on key and although you might not understand her words you can usually identify the song because she sings the tune perfectly.

2. It's hard to get a picture of her because she is constantly moving and she never smiles when you want her to she waits until after the picture is taken to smile. Hmmmm. LOL!

3. She loves cheeseburgers and french fries and when we are out and about she will often say to her daddy "daddy, cheeseburger"? She knows this melts her daddy's heart and many of times she has gotten her wish to the delight of the other siblings anxiously awaiting cheeseburgers as well.

4. She can only hear out of her right ear and when she doesn't want to listen to us she puts her finger in that ear. It's so funny. I'll have to get a picture of it. Instead of closing both ears she knows she only needs to close the one. LOL!

5. She is very petite. She can still wear size 3T clothing and shirts I still have to roll up the sleeves.

6. She is a jumping machine. When she is watching a movie you can usually find her standing up and jumping. She just stands in place and jumps. I don't know why but at least she is getting exercise and boy does she have some muscular calf muscles!

She has changed our family for the better. I can not imagine one day without her. She has opened our hearts not only to adoption but to special needs as well. She is one in a million and I am so incredibly thankful she is ours! I love to hear her pray. Some of the words you can't make out but the ones you can are so sweet. She is our little prayer warrior. If she hears a siren she prays. If someone is hurt, she prays. If someone leaves our home, she prays. It's so cute to ask her to pray for you and she will come and lay her hands on you and begin "dear heavenly father..." Again, I may not understand all her words but HE does.

She mimics alot of our words and at night when we tuck her in we always say "we love you princess". Well, if we don't get it out fast enough she will say it for us. She loves to watch the DVD~Gigi God's little princess. She totally believes that's her...God's little princess and we couldn't agree more!!
We love you Kyalynn Da Seul with all our hearts!!!