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Thursday, April 17, 2008


Originally I was planning on posting pictures of the fun day we had with our friends and their 6 soon to be 7 children. I LOVED having 11 children running around. It was AWESOME!!!

However, our visit was cut short due to Gabriella having another seizure. My oldest son and I rushed her to the ER around 3:30. She was unresponsive for the next 3 hours! Talk about freaking out! That was me.

Sean made it to the hospital while she was having a CAT scan done. They ended up transferring her to Hershey Medical Center that evening. Now listen, this is where the story gets more interesting.....

Zack and I were heading home around 8 PM to drop him off to help with the other kids. The main road and all side roads to our home were barricaded off. We stop to talk to the fire police to ask where the fire is and can we get thru? He says there's no fire there is a madman loose on the mountain with guns and all kinds of weapons. He has taken hostages! WHAT?!

Another version of Lisa freaking out! My kids are on that mountain with a madman. For clarification purposes, we live on a mountain. Most people live at the bottom of the mountain, but oh no, not us. We need to live at the top of the mountain. There are 2 houses up here....ours and my brothers!! We are SURROUNDED by woods and State Game Lands! Perfect place to hide out. Ryan at home with the 2 five year olds, Sean and Gabriella in an ambulance heading 1 1/2 hours away...getting the picture?

Ok, so back to the story..... so I'm losing it, Zack gets out to talk with the State Trooper and explains about Gabriella, the kids on the mountain, etc. No go. He won't let us go home. He says they are looking for the guy but it could be days before they find him and until they find him no one is allowed to go in and no one is allowed to go out. So, I call my mom who lives at the bottom of the mountain and she goes up with Ryan and the kids but I'm still worried for them. I'm alternating between sobbing, yelling and hitting the steering wheel. Zack (Mr. Steady) is trying to calm me down. We make it to Hershey around 11:00 to find Gabriella sleeping and Sean talking with one of the many, many doctors we met with while there.

The bottom line is her seizures are not typical and they can't figure out what kind they are and what is causing them. She does have a medical condition that she takes medication for and so they are hoping and we are praying that these seizures are tied to low levels of calcium in her blood. We have raised the calcium and are praying for this to be the key to not having anymore seizures.

She is such a trooper. I am so proud of her! She couldn't talk or recognize us for hours and it was so scary. I'll take her jumping off the couch, telling me "no", or taking toys from her brothers and sister anyday! We are rejoicing that she is home and doing much better. Please pray for complete healing for her.
Thank you!


Lisa said...

Wow, Lisa!! Sounds like a crazy day.
I'm thankful that Gabriella is feeling better. I'm praying that she will be seizure free.

Wife to the Rockstar said...

OH MY GOODNESS. I cannot even believe all of this. How insane.
Please know I am lifting you in prayer today! Keep us posted.

Stepping Out of the Boat said...

OH WOW,Lisa, Bless your heart! That is a ton to go through. I am glad she is feeling better and will pray for very clear and supernatural direction for your dr.

You are a wonderful mama!

somebody said...