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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Roller Coaster Ride...

Anybody who has adopted or is "in process" understands the roller coaster ride visual. We are finding it doesn't matter if it's International adoption or Domestic adoption, the ride is a constant steep climb up and a stomach-twisting ride down! Now don't get me wrong, I like riding roller coasters just not all day, every day. LOL!

So where are we on this journey? Who knows!! We have been contacted several times about a definate "situation" but the fees have just blown us out of the water! Amazing! I know adoption costs with International adoption and they were a struggle, but this....this is unreal! I have seen "situations" listed with the fees being as high as $42,000.00!

Breathe Lisa, breathe.

Now please hear me in this, I understand that there are costs associated with the birth, the process, the legals, etc. but there is no possible way someone isn't having their pocket padded with the extra. My question is, isn't it about the children? You know the defenseless ones who need someone to love and care for them?! How could you sleep at night knowing you are taking advantage of people whose hearts are all about the children?! And I would venture a guess that these people who want to love and care for these children don't really have the money, not that kind of money anyway. It's very twisted and wrong.

There are people out there that aren't about making a profit at any cost but they are few and far between. I am blessed to have contact with one of these rare and beautiful souls. She does care about the children AND the adoptive parents. I really hope we "match" through her. Thank you Jamie for being in this business for all the right reasons!

Ok, stepping off my soapbox now....


Wife to the Rockstar said...

OOOOH... Lisa... I am sure you read my post on this subject. I have a REAL issue with this and it is SO wrong.

PRAYING the right situation comes along with honest and ethical people involved.

Major Mom said...

I feel the same way. Its sooo hard. The right baby will find you, I just know it:)

Becky said...

There is just nothing to compare to the adoption roller coaster, is there!!??? : )

I'm excited to see how this all unfolds for your family.

Love and prayers,

somebody said...