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Friday, April 25, 2008


Alrighty then...

I am....very hard on myself. Just ask my family :)
I hear God say "well done, good and faithful servant".
I have...the world's most amazing husband! Really, I do!
I wish...adoption was more affordable so those that long to be the hands of Jesus could be!
I hate...when I talk to someone and they only half listen or don't look me in the eyes. Makes me feel so unappreciated!
I miss...having lots of free time to read. Even the bathroom isn't a safety zone anymore. Little voices saying "momma, what are you doing"? or heck, just waltzing right in and sitting beside me. Sigh! LOL!
I fear...not making a difference in this big, old world, sickness, and giving up too soon.
I feel...truly blessed, and/or stressed. Depending on the day :)
I precious husbands voice. Nothing better!
I smell...honestly, I keep smelling a pee smell. Can't detect where it's coming from exactly...but can guess how it got there and who did it.
I crave...a deeper intimacy with God.
I search....for matching socks mostly. LOL! No seriously, my searching lately has been focused on grants/loans and our future child.
I wonder...who my children will be. It's amazing to watch them grow and become.
I regret...not being nicer to myself. My sharp tongue. Not spending more one on one time with Sean. Oh my, I could go on and on.
I love...Jesus, Sean, my precious children, being able to breathe and enjoy life, where we live, the wonderful people in our lives, God's sense of humor.
I ache...for single parents, the millions of orphans, and the lost to know my best friend...Jesus.
I care...too much about what others think.
I always....tell my family I love them many, many times a day, wait up for my children (because this momma hen can't sleep until all her chicks are home safe), and read to my little ones daily.
I am not...a fan of early morning. I prefer late nights.
I believe...our special needs children have taught me so much in 4 years! I believe they are amazing individuals and God has a plan for their lives!
I danced...with Sean last night in the kitchen with 3 sets of Korean eyes intently watching and giggling.
I sing...alot! I LOVE to sing. I love to listen to my I-Pod while I exercise (which is not often enough!)
I cry...often. I am an emotional person. I cry about stories of people accepting Christ, orphans, greeting cards... I sometimes laugh so hard I cry. This really confuses my guys. ;)
I don't always...think before I speak. Ouch!
I fight...for sanity. LOL!
I write...because I love words.
I never...want my children to become prodigals.
I hear God's voice. I listen to the sounds of God's amazing blessings to me every family.
I need...Jesus...desperately...daily. He gives me the strength I need each day to survive and thrive.
I am happy....just being with my family. No matter what we do, as long as we are together, that's all that matters.