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Friday, May 16, 2008


Well, I guess it was sort of like a campout. Sean, Zack, and the 3 little ones and I all packed tightly into the little ones' bedroom. It felt like a know when you are in a tent and the next morning you can hardly move after sleeping on the cold, hard ground! Well, we weren't in a tent but we were on the hard floor and we (Sean and I) did have a hard time moving this campout it was!

You see, our little Gabriella is sick again. She has been running high fevers for the last few days and after all the drama we had last month and in January, I'll admit I'm a little panic crazed at this point! Did I mention that Sean is the even-keeled one? Or could you just tell it?! Anyways, she has a bad case of strep throat. We would never have known because she never complained and seemed fine except for the high fevers. She's been eating fine and until last night wasn't overly cranky or fussy.

So, I've been camping out beside her bed but last night her fever peaked at 105 and my fears got the best of me and I panicked. Sean and Zack camped out with me to help me maintain my sanity (what's left of it!LOL!)

As I type, she is sitting on my lap burning up. I'm not sure but I'm feeling like tonight might be another great night for a campout.