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Friday, May 30, 2008


In the midst of paying for this adoption we are also paying for Gabriella's 2 hospital stays. Can I just say medical intervention is SO expensive!

This last time Gabriella went to the hospital, they transferred her by ambulance to a Children's Hospital about an hour away. We received that bill only days after she was home. The cost, just for the ambulance ride, was well over $2,300.00!! Unbelievable...but it was a necessary trip for her health and our sanity. So, we scraped the money together praying God would somehow fill in that gap now for adoption funds. Well, He did in a most unexpected way! I was going thru the mail and saw an envelope with the ambulance name on it and thought, "oh no, not more". I opened it and surprise! It contained our check with VOID stamped on it. Apparently, our insurance decided to cover that expense. So praise God! He restored that money back to us to put towards our adoption. WooHoo!!

Thank you Father for your faithfulness. Forgive me for worrying and please open Your storehouses and provide the rest of these needed funds. In Jesus' name. Amen.