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Thursday, May 29, 2008

So, What Do I Do When I'm Stressed?...

Rearrange the furniture of course! I forgot to put that in my quirky post. I haven't heard anything since that phone call saying "it's possible your son might be born today" back on Tuesday. So, I guess it wasn't time yet. Oh me, Oh my.

But seriously, around here when the boys hear me ask "how much do you love me?" they know what that means. Mom wants to move furniture around. For some odd reason it makes me feel productive. Usually, we will move it this way and then that way to try and find the right "look". LOL! Now you see why they run when they hear those words from me!

I don't know, maybe today instead of moving the furniture I'll just go mow the grass. That's Ryan's job but I'm sure he wouldn't mind at all. LOL!