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Moments I want to remember...

Conversations with Connor....

Connor: I told you he blows smoke out of his nose. (speaking of Nolan)
Me: What?! He doesn't blow smoke out of his nose.
Connor: Yes, he does. That's why he is brown!
Me: Connor, he's brown because that's the color God made him just like God made you Asian and mom and dad white. God is such an artist...look at all the beautiful colors He gave us in our family.
Connor: Well, he does blow smoke out of his nose.
Umm...ok?! LOL!!

Connor: (first thing every morning) Mom, is Nolan big now?
Me: Not yet, it will take awhile.
Connor: Oh, I thought he growed big last night. :)

Connor: Hey mom, when Nolan gets a little bigger he can share my underwear.
Me: Yep, when he's much bigger.
Connor: Yeah, he can borrow my underwear.

Connor: Is he awake yet? He is always sleeping. LOL!

Kyalynn Kutesies....

Kyalynn: I just love him! (Kyalynn says this many times a day)

Kyalynn: Oh, he's sleeping. Oh, be quiet. He's so tiny. I hold him?

Kyalynn is doing fabul…

Wild Ride....

Ok, so let me tell you, this was definately an adventure! A God Adventure...the BEST kind!

I have lots to say (I know, you're not surprised!) so I'll just start and post when I can. First, let me say right up front that I have no doubts God chose this wee little one just for us. There were God confirmations all along the way but He showed up and showed off on Wednesday for sure!!

Let me see, where to begin....Tuesday evening I received a call from the agency rep saying she was here in PA and had talked to BM and that BM decided she wanted us to come up Wednesday afternoon sometime after her C-section. Agency rep said she would call first thing in the morning to let us know how things went. We were on pins and needles all morning and Sean paced...a whole lot! Time kept ticking by and no call. I was just getting ready to call around lunchtime when the agency rep, Julie, called us. Thinking this was the moment we've been anxiously waiting for I start asking questions. She quick…
Connor enjoying the bounty
Ryan just loves to hold Nolan. We fight over who gets to hold him. LOL!
Zack couldn't get over how tiny Nolan was
My brother and his new nephew
Isn't he too cute?!

Truly Blessed Beyond Measure...

I thought I was blessed before but boy, oh boy, I absolutely KNOW it now. Meet our newest blessing.... NOLAN ELIJAH!!!!

All the Grandparents already infatuated with our newest member!
Kyalynn's first time holding Nolan
Gabriella taking her turn

So Tired...

First, a disclaimer: This is going to be a venting post. There may be turbulence with alot of whine so if you prefer not to walk down this path with me then you may want to go on to another blog right now and come back in a few days! :)

So tired...of all the drama.

All The Drama...
Well, our agency calls Thursday night and asks if we would like to talk to BM on Friday at 1:00. Of course, I said yes. So she calls BM, schedules everything and calls me back to confirm. Friday at 1:00, no call. Finally, about 20 minutes later I get a call from our agency that they can't contact BM. At this point, my concern is for the BM as she has health issues that have led to hospital stays and my mind starts rolling with possible scenarios, none good, of her being sick at home, alone. Agency says they have a call into her "support" person and will call me right back. Well, 2 hours later, I call them for an update. They have none. BM has not returned their calls and apparently, no one knows…

3rd Time's a Charm...

Ok, so I got a call. Now let me refresh your memory....several weeks ago, on a Tuesday afternoon I received a call saying be prepared baby might be born today. Then, last Friday night we got the call around 6 pm saying your baby will probably be born tomorrow. Now, I get a call and she says, your baby will definately be born the 18th. seems like this may be it :) Our birthmom's C-section is scheduled for this coming Wednesday!

Counting down the days to being a family of 8!!

Another Blow... I've stated before this whole adoption has got to be a God thing because we don't have the necessary funds lying around waiting to be used. Trust me, all funds around here are used promptly to pay bills, buy food and exist. LOL! We are trusting God to meet the financial needs.

We have been blessed by many of you with donations and we thank you so very much! We have been blessed by family and friends as well. At this point, we don't have a need for anything material-wise except for diapers and formula! How God is that?! However, we are still waiting on God to provide this last $10,000! Come on God...rain it down. :)

We have applied for several grants and a no interest loan. Today we received word from one of the grants that they were overwhelmed with needs and can't possibly meet them all so we will not be receiving money from them. It would be a lie if I said I wasn't disappointed and frustrated but ultimately, it's up to God how he meets our needs. I …

Sean's Cousin...

Sean's cousin, Bobby, was killed on Saturday in a motorcycle accident. He and his wife were travelling when a car pulled out in front of them. I will spare you the gruesome details but suffice it to say it was really bad. His wife is in critical condition. They have a 10 year old daughter, Julie. Please pray for Kathy to be healed and restored to her daughter quickly. They especially need one another during this critical time.

Prayers Appreciated!

I was on the phone with our birthmom yesterday and she was having major contractions. She headed to the hospital around 6:18 pm and we didn't hear anything again until this morning around 11:00 am! The agency was calling to tell us they had no new information. UGH! So finally around 5:00 I broke down and had to call the agency. Nope, no news.

The deal is birthmom has some serious health issues, baby is breech and big so they are wanting to do a C-section. Well, she just called a short while ago to tell us that baby will NOT be born in the next couple of days. Apparently, she will be 38 weeks this Tuesday and they did an amnio and they are saying babies lungs are not ready yet?! So they are giving her medication to stop or slow down contractions and steroids to help babies lungs develop quickly.

Please, please pray for birthmom and baby's health. Birthmom is very uncomfortable, retaining fluids, and so tired. Of course we are anxious for baby but my heart is focused on mom right …

Jury Duty

I was mailed a letter several months back stating I was chosen for jury duty. I had to fill out a form and then they sent me a paper just recently stating I was to report June 16th at 8:15 am for week long jury duty. Well, that's wonderful and I would really love to do it. I was wanting to be a legal assistant while in high school so it's definately something I would be interested in...someday. Just not right now. Especially since the new baby should be born within the next two weeks!!

On the paperwork they sent me it says in bold lettering, if you do not show up for your jury term you will be fined $500.00 and/or imprisonment or both! Oooh, not something I'm up for. LOL!

So, I call the court administrative assistant and explain we are adopting, baby to be born SOON and I can't possibly be there on the 16th. She says "for how long?" I'm not following her and say "'s a newborn and I don't want to leave him for quite awhile". She s…

Nudist Colony?!

Not really, but if you surprise us with a visit you will most likely see 3 little Koreans bare and unashamed! :)
We have the little kiddy pool out and they like to splash and play naked! Oh my! I would love to show you a picture of how much laughter and smiles the kiddy pool produces in a day but you'll just have to imagine their smiles.

Because we live at the top of a mountain, surrounded by trees and wildlife their playing in the buff is not a problem. Ever since Kyalynn came home from Korea she has loved being naked and it took real effort in the beginning to keep this girl clothed. LOL! So to say she is loving this is an understatement.

So, for now, while they are still little we will allow them this priviledge and enjoy their innocent laughter and joy at being "naked and unashamed".