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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Jury Duty

I was mailed a letter several months back stating I was chosen for jury duty. I had to fill out a form and then they sent me a paper just recently stating I was to report June 16th at 8:15 am for week long jury duty. Well, that's wonderful and I would really love to do it. I was wanting to be a legal assistant while in high school so it's definately something I would be interested in...someday. Just not right now. Especially since the new baby should be born within the next two weeks!!

On the paperwork they sent me it says in bold lettering, if you do not show up for your jury term you will be fined $500.00 and/or imprisonment or both! Oooh, not something I'm up for. LOL!

So, I call the court administrative assistant and explain we are adopting, baby to be born SOON and I can't possibly be there on the 16th. She says "for how long?" I'm not following her and say "'s a newborn and I don't want to leave him for quite awhile". She said "can't you get a babysitter?" I again explain that I could but we are adopting this child and he will be a newborn and I don't want to hand him over to a babysitter so soon. She says "I see. Do you stay home?" Ummm, "yes". She proceeds to tell me that you can not be excused from jury duty indefinately. So, she was getting at knowing when I would be available to serve. She said "will you be available in a year?" Sure, I guess. She seemed hesitant, like I was making this up. HA! I couldn't make this stuff up! She again asked "couldn't you get a sitter to come to your home?" I said "of course, however, this will be my sixth child and I will have 4 children age 5 and under!" That seemed to do the trick and so she told me to write a letter detailing why I can't serve and then within the next month they will have a jury commission approve it and send me my new dates to serve in the next year.

Goodness, who knew how badly they want me to serve?! This is the second time in 3 years they have assigned me duty. The first time I told them I had 2 newly adopted children (Kyalynn and Connor) and they left me off the hook. They never once have asked Sean to serve...hmmmm!

So, here's to next years jury duty.