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Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Connor is quite a character, just ask anyone who knows him in real life! He says the funniest things and doesn't even realize why we are laughing. Here is just a small taste of how Connor sees life....

Look mom, a buzzquito. (mosquito)

Mom, I just saw a Frenchworm. (after my brain worked really hard I finally figured out he meant an inchworm!)

Look mom, I'm going on a hatfari. (safari)

I'm also realizing he is listening to others talking even if it doesn't seem like it. Last night Gabriella came running in to tell me that the dog skunked (pooped) in the yard. I went out and realized it was just some of those weird black mushrooms growing in the yard. Yuck! Anyways, before I had a chance to explain what it was Connor was pointing and saying look mom, crap. I thought I couldn't have possibly heard him right, he must have said crab. So I kept asking "what did you say?" and he kept repeating it. Yup, he wasn't saying crab he was saying the other! Just when we realized what he was really saying he fell down on the ground and immediately popped right back up because he thought he had landed in the black stuff. It was hysterical and needless to say we started laughing. Then after we got serious again, in my firmest tone I explained we don't say crap. Connor has problems with remembering some things long term but I'm hoping this isn't one of them! LOL!!