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This is the first time in 4 adoptions we have applied for grants to adopt. Specifically, we applied for a total of 8. In the mail today, we received word from the last grant application we were still waiting on that they were not able to help us either. I can't believe it, out of 8 grants none of them offered to help us with Nolan's adoption expenses! I can't say I'm not confused and disappointed. How could they not see the need when they look at our income versus our expenses?! Honestly, it's been a rough couple of weeks here with all the unknowns we are dealing with in Nolan's adoption. We are mentally and emotionally tired and this last no from the grant organization could potentially send us into a fetal position but we choose to set our faces towards God. We know He knows all things and this is no surprise to Him.

I do tend to question God's gameplan and point out to Him others that He seems to be pouring His provision on and wondering why not us. Is it something we are doing? Something we aren't doing? Is our faith too small? Do we really need more testing, Lord?! This is seeing things from Lisa's natural eyes and they are so weak and unfocused. You see, if I step back and see things with supernatural eyes the view is MUCH different.

I see that on one income we have adopted 4 children! That's ALL God my friends, ALL GOD! Trust me!

I see that He sends unexpected blessings.

My uncle gave us his couch which is in mint condition. It feels like we went furniture shopping but spent no money. LOL!

We were given 2 air conditioners which have proved to be a HUGE blessing with the hot and humid weather we are having.

We have been given formula, bottles, clothes, a playpen, and diapers galore.

Ryan is working at a Christian camp and they often send home their leftover food for us. Another HUGE praise with all these men to feed around here. LOL!

So although God isn't providing the exact way I expected, He is providing. He always does!

"My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from Him. He alone is my rock and my salvation; He is my fortress, I will never be shaken!" Psalm 62:1-2

Sean went to pick Ryan up from work on Friday night and as I was feeding Nolan I was praying over him and this whole situation. I prayed that God would be our provision. When Sean got home he gave me an envelope with our names on it. Inside was a handmade card from a young man (early 20's) Ryan works with. We have never met him. His card was full of encouragement and blessings on our new adoption. He included money and said to think of it as from the Lord. We were blown away. It was an instant answer to the prayer I had just prayed not 20 minutes before! God was reminding me how much He loves us and that He is all we need.

Often, others will share their wisdom(?!) and say grandiose things like "well, you chose to adopt" or "well, you knew your finances were already tight and then you adopted again, what did you expect?" and my first response is No, we didn't choose this. God did. But I've really been thinking about this and that's not truth. We did choose this. We chose to obey God's calling and we will never, ever regret it. He has blessed us beyond our wildest dreams. We don't have an abundance of material things, but we have enough. We don't have an abundance of money, but we have enough. We don't have any grants, but God WILL provide. What we do have can't be measured by the worlds' standards. We have 6 beautiful, precious gifts and really, that's so much more than we ever thought or imagined. We have an abundance of love and chaos. LOL! And, more than anything else, we have God. Yep, we have EVERYTHING we need!

"Have I not commanded you? Be strong, vigorous, and very courageous. Be not afraid, neither be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go." Joshua 1:9


Amen Sister! Preach it!!!
Anonymous said…
If your expenses exceed your income how does the government let you adopt if you can not afford to raise these children with out handouts from loving people who feel that they need to support you and your children. dont get me wrong I think it is great that you have adopted and that you are raising these wonderful children in gods faith but..... how do you teach your children to live within their means when you dont live within yours.
Praise God you had the faith to obey His call - you didn't have to. Letting yourself be vulnerable & truly trust in Him is an amazing place to be. Do not let the ignorance of "anonymous" bring you down. This was a beautiful post and really blessed me. God loves your faithfulness.
Anonymous said…
Just so you know, I am a different "Anonymous" than the one above. I don't have a Google identity so I just used "anonymous" because it was easier! I think that the above "Anonymous" is being quite insensitive. It's not like they are going shopping everyday buying every toy and thing their hearts desire, spending money on 'wants' and not 'needs'. They are raising a family, adopting God's children to be raised in a loving Christian home. I certainly don't think that is living outside their means. Also, I think it sets a wonderful example of faith for the children that it is more important to be a family living for the Lord and to glorify Him than to have excess money. God is good all the time and He gives us what we need and nothing more! God bless you!
Oh Lisa, AMEN! God is Good, God is Faithful, and God loves to reveal Himself to a watching world. Praise Jesus for each and every way that He is providing for you! Thank you for sharing how He is working in your life even when it isn't exactly how YOU thought it was going to. God delights in surprising us!

Anon- the thing is they are living what God is asking them to live. Each of these children needed them. Before the foundations of the earth were formed God chose these children to be in their family. Have you ever given to another person? Many times the giver is more blessed in giving than the one that receives it. I just want you to know how unbelieveable I think your comment is. They aren't looking for "handouts". Going out and buying frivolous things is not living within your means...trusting God to provide the money to place a child in your God fearing home, it doesn't even come close. More and more believers need to live a life of believing God to provide for them to adopt rather than being bound by things of this world. We have an orphan crisis and a foster care crisis, because Christians aren't stepping out in faith and adopting these children. Too many people say they would love to, but they can't afford it. I believe Sean and Lisa's children are seeing God's hand evidentally displayed in their family, and what a powerful lesson that is.

Lisa, you keep on believing God with everything that you have in you. He is Faithful! He is a God of the Impossibles and He delights in doing modern day keep seeking His heart for the orphans!And moving forward in praise for what He is doing!
Anonymous said…
Lisa, I too have struggled in this area in our life and have often felt much of what you wrote. Thanks for being so honest and real.

Anon seems to be everywhere these days. Take it with a grain of salt. My personal opinion is that adoption costs WAY too much money and it isn't right, but there aren't many people like you and Sean who are willing to put everything on the line for "the least of these". People buy new cars everyday and don't blink an eye at it. Yet, ask most people to adopt and tell them what it costs, they would not do it. You have stepped out in GREAT faith. This is what God requires. I would SO much rather get to the end of my life FLAT BROKE, but having lived a life of faith, then to get to the end with pocketfuls and have to explain to my God why I never had the faith to step out. People think that wisdom (such as anon above) is living a "safe" life. Wisdom in my opinion and in God's eyes is fully trusting Him no matter what the circumstances are.

One look at Nolan and No one can deny he is worth more than ANY amouth of money that could ever be paid.

I am praying God provides miraculously in every area of your life. Just as you have been faithful to the call He has placed on your life, so He will be faithful to provide.

Know you are not alone. We too are struggling with loads of adoption debt.

Love you.
dkt said…
Hey! I just wanted to encourage you too! God is so faithful! He will provide all that you need! Yes, sometimes it does come from unexpected places! (I'm amazed by the creative ways God takes care of us too! :-)

I also came on here intending to leave a comment to tell you that I just started a new project to help people, like you, raise funds for their adoptions. Check out my blog and then email me at if you want to find out more about it.

Much love!
steffany said…
Oh Honey!
I am so sorry that what you intended as a praise to God for what He has chosen at this time for a provision as turned into this. There is a difference between living beyond your means and trusting God. Your family continues to inspire me. If you didn't choose or listen to God's call 4 of your children not know the love of family and the will of God.
crispy said…
I want to let you know what an inspiration that your post is to me. Stay strong. I know all too well what it is like to step out in faith and follow God's lead and yet still struggle with things financially. I love the passage in Daniel where they say "our God who is able will deliver us, BUT even if He does not we will still serve Him." No matter what you have determined to serve your God and He is pleased with that.

As far as Anon...I am so sorry that someone out there finds it OK to critique our following where GOD leads. Remember you are accountable to ONLY Him. Cling to these verses...

My Grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness, Most GLADLY therefore, I will rather boast about my weakness, that the power of Christ may dwell in me. Therefore I am well content with weaknesses, with insults, with distresses, with persecutions, with difficulties for CHRISTS sake, for when I am weak, then I am strong. 2 cor.

((hugs)) Cris
Dana said…
What a blessing it has been to watch your family grow and walk in obedience to the Lord. We need more Christians like you. I just returned a week ago from a Permanecy Conference. I viewed a 4 inch binder full of waiting Pennsylvania children in need of forever families. My heart is so grieved. These children need permanency.... They need to experience God's love by becoming a part of Christian families. I pray that as God leads, more Christians will respond to His calling... just as your family has done. May we all have the faith to believe He is more than able to provide for our every need!
May God richly bless you for your obedience. May He continue to answer your prayers- even in the unexpected ways! We love you all!!!
Christine said…
I'm sorry about the grants. We applied for a few and also didn't get picked. ((sigh)) But God will provide.
Tereasa said…
I think you are teaching your children a wonderful lesson and will pray that you will continue to be encouraged during this time. I also pray that Anonymous will someday realize what he/she is missing.

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