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Friday, August 29, 2008

Can I Just Say...

I've got the BEST man in the world! Sean is amazing! Everyone who knows him in real life will attest to that fact. He came home tonight to his living room turned into a rainforest and he didn't even flinch. I guess he's used to my crazy antics by now. LOL!

The littles begin a study of the rainforest next week so we decided to kick things off with a jungle party tonight. We had finger foods with funny names like....slugs, turtle eggs, red eyed tree frogs eyeballs, etc. The kids loved it. When I asked Gabriella if she wanted some sneaky snakes (noodles) she said "I don't like sneaky snakes".

After our food we played games. Safari scavenger hunt, grab the monkey by the tail, and bowling for animals. Connor loved the grab the monkey by the tail game. He was the cheetah and we all had long brown socks tucked into our waistbands. He would count to 3 and come charging after us trying to grab our tails. Kyalynn thought this was funny and giggled and giggled. Gabriella on the other hand, did not and she cried when he took her tail.

Then we erupted our homemade volcano. Way cool! Sean was Mr. Safari and he then took us thru the living room telling us all about the rainforest and the animals that live there. At one point he said get on that boat and we all ran to the other side of the kitchen. He was telling us about pirahnas in the water and then threw this stuffed crocodile onto the floor. It was so funny how we all jumped and yelled like it was real or something. LOL! He led us upstairs and had all the lights off. He told us to listen and he went and turned on the shower. He came back and asked the kids if they heard the waterfall and then we proceeded thru all the bedrooms looking for it. Finally our safari ended with them bathing in the waterfall in the dark with just light from a flashlight. Connor was so tickled all he did was laugh.

I'm sure this is a night they won't soon forget and what a great way to get them interested in learning more about this wonderful place. Sean just jumped right in and ran with it. He even came downstairs dressed in khaki and wearing a hat and Connor's fake knife in his belt. LOL!

What a man he is but more importantly, what an incredibly awesome daddy he is. Just ask our kids!