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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

School Daze....

So, it's that time of year for us again...the start of our new school year. We always start early August and that way the kids get finished in May. It's wonderful to hit all the tourist spots in May and not have to deal with crowds because most kids aren't out of school yet! LOL!

Our makeup this year goes like this....Senior, Freshman, Kindergarten, 2 Preschool and a baby! Whew! So far, so good.

Ryan is studying anatomy this year and so I try to incorporate the others along with it. That means the littles are studying the human body as well. We've read Magic School Bus "Inside Ralphie" several times, looked through an Usborne book about the body that shows all the different systems, and have read countless books on the senses. Connor is eating it up! He can even name some of the organs already and tell you what they do. We've found Connor loves to learn and does well with retaining facts. This is such a surprising blessing to me as I wasn't sure how things would go with his special needs and was very nervous if I could even teach him. Isn't God so good?! He's shown me already that He has everything under control and I just need to trust Him to teach Connor thru my willing heart.

Kyalynn is with us but it's harder to measure her comprehension level, but again, I trust God gives me what she needs. Gabriella loves to mimic and wants to do whatever Connor does so that's working to my advantage, most of the time. LOL!

Zack actually only needs one more credit to graduate but he will be doing his normal school load anyways. He is a great self starter and will have no problems balancing his school with his work. So here's to a great new year of growing and learning!!

If you look closely you will see the main organs pasted to the outline. Unfortunately, it's not exactly anatomically correct but at least they are there! LOL!!