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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Did you miss me?...

Well, we're back! We were blessed to go on vacation and enjoy family time. I wasn't able to get to a computer and am so far behind in what's going on with my blogging buddies. When I was away I had so many posts and topics swirling thru my mind but no paper to write on so I'm not sure if I will be able to recover those wonderful memory is short lived anymore!

So, here are some pics of our time away.


Zack and Nolan and their personal slogan "Chicks Dig Me"

Connor enjoying life

Although it was nice to get away for awhile we are all so glad to be home! There is no place like home!! And Sean and I have decided that vacation is a code word for more work. Vacation is for the kids because it took alot more effort and energy on our part to maintain the chaos away from home. Hopefully, the kids will have memories to cherish forever and since Zack is graduating this year it was very important to have this time together. He is already planning his summer next year and he's mentioned going to Montana for a couple of weeks so we'll see if that becomes a reality or not. He's my country boy! :)

We were surprised Kyalynn did as well as she did on vacation. With autism it's important to keep the routine as much as the same as possible. She did have one intense night of screaming for 3 HOURS but we all survived and can still hear, so that's a plus! When she is upset, frightened, anxious, etc., she will scream ALOT and we are used to it but the general public is not so then of course, I worry that we are causing a scene and I HATE people watching/staring at us. Gabriella too screams alot...hmmmmm, maybe this is why I have a constant headache?! LOL! Really though, it wasn't terrible just more work to try and keep them calm and controlled.

But ahhhhh, home sweet home. Although my brother was home while we were away it was like a vacation for him, I'm sure, without all the noise we entail. This morning, bright and early, there was Zachary in the driveway shooting off fireworks. Yep brother, we're home. LOL! Oh, life is good!!