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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Doubly Good....

Today has double blessings for us. It's my birthday and Nolan is 4 months old!

When it comes to birthdays for my kids I'm big into decorating, singing, just making the day extra special, like them. So, I walk downstairs today to find the kitchen decorated with streamers and special, homemade (my very favorite kind!) cards from each of the family. Made me cry. Sean also decorated the cabinet doors, the fridge, the computer, the baby wipes (you get the picture...) with Happy Birthday notes. Have I mentioned lately how wonderful he is?! He's the best! We will be going to see the movie "Fireproof" tonight while the boys hold down the fort. Ahhh, it's great to be loved!

As for Nolan, he's enjoying his day sleeping, eating, smiling, and eating some more.


Salzwedel Family said...

Happy Birthday! What a wonderful way to start your special day & a great way to end it with the movie.

It sounds like you are having a day filled with many blessings.

Tereasa said...

Happy Birthday!

BTW, I notice Nolan's losing his hair. Sam did that, too. Eventually, he ended up with a "fro-hawk." The top was quite long. Everyone called him "Baby T." People even asked us why we would cut his hair that way. As if! Anyway, someone finally suggested that it is acceptable and common to shave black babies heads when this happens. So, just in case you're wondering... It is okay to give your little guy a haircut. :) Oh, we also lather it with coconut oil when we take him out of the bath! It keeps the hair soft and smells oh so good!

crispy said...



Hope your day was extra special with your wonderful family.


Dana said...

Happy Birthday, Lisa!

Debbie B said...

Happy Birthday! Glad you got a night out, hope you enjoyed the movie. I've heard it's great.

Brandi said...

Happy Birthday. . quite late for me!

Hope the rest of your day was fabulous! We are birthday decoraters too! I love that tradition!


somebody said...