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Monday, October 20, 2008

Passionate Politics....

Ok, I might offend someone with this post but I must speak my heart.

If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you are a Christian.
If you are a Christian, then you believe the Bible to be God's guidebook for us.
If you believe the Bible to be our guidebook, then you believe that ALL human life is sacred and marriage was created to be between a man and a woman.
On that note here is the facts on what our Presidential Candidates believe....

Traditional Marriage in Federal Law
Supports Federal Defense of Marriage Act McCain - Yes Obama - No

Supports Human Cloning McCain - Yes Obama - No

Opposes Judicial Activism
Supports Originalist Supreme Court Justices McCain - Yes Obama - No

Homosexual Education
Supports Curriuclm that Promotes Homosexuality McCain - No Obama - Yes

Supports Expanded Drilling for Oil McCain - Yes Obama - No

Human Life
Supports Protecting the Lives of Children
Who Are Born Alive and Survive a Botched Abortion McCain - Yes Obama - No

Business Freedom
Opposes Laws Forcing Business to Favor Homosexuality McCain - Yes Obama - No

Opposes Gay Pride
Refused to Support Gay Pride Celebrations McCain - Yes Obama - No

Iraq War
Supports Immediate Removal of Troops from Iraq McCain - No Obama - Yes

Youth & Abortion
Supports Transporting Minor Girls across State
Lines for a Secret Abortion without Parental
Knowledge McCain - No Obama - Yes

Gun Rights
Opposes an Assault Weapons Ban McCain - Yes Obama - No

Partial Birth Abortion
Opposes Partial Birth Abortions McCain - Yes Obama - No

Traditional Marriage in States
Supports State Marriage Amendments in CA & FL McCain - Yes Obama - No

Parental Rights in Education
Supports Parental Choice of Schools in Education McCain - Yes Obama - No

*all info taken from PaVoter.Info Guide

Obviously, neither is perfect. However, as Christians, we are mandated to protect human life and only one candidate promises to do that. We thank God that our birthmoms chose life for their children, our children. I know that alot of people feel change is needed for our country but I don't believe they realize the depth of the change that will come with Obama. It won't be good for American families, but most importantly, it won't be good for our children and those to come. I have been told I'm prejudice for not voting for Obama. HA! Hello...we have a BLACK son. There is no prejudice involved here just TRUTH.

"Then you will know the TRUTH, and the TRUTH will set you free." John 8:32


Brandi said...

I'm with you, friend! You need to go read the post called "partial bot adoption" on and if you have time read her latest comment section on her latest blog. I may have just found you your new favorite person too! You'll love her. . and her 6 year old Liberian son's view on abortion.


Wife to the Rockstar said...


Tami said...

SPEAK it girl!!!!

crispy said...

nothing wrong with speaking the LOVE.

Thanks for sharing.

cdnbull said...

we should only be offended when we have a reason to feel guilty. I am a committed Christian and therefore could never support unGodly policies, or unGodly men or women. Thanks for being bold and standing in the Light.

Tereasa said...

Thanks for speaking up! The truth is important... and so is this election.

I wanted to invite you to my new blog. I stopped using Harvester for various reasons. Please stop by, I always appreciate your comments!

Michelle said...

Thanks for this great post!!!

Meredith said...

Hi there, you left a comment on my blog that you'd be willing to share your story as a featured family on the Reece's Rainbow blog, but didn't leave any e-mail address. I'd love to feature your family if you would please e-mail me at Thanks!

Christine said...

Thanks for psoting this. I am not offended.

Dana said...

Thanks for posting this. We need to take a stand. I am shocked at how many people I know are not voting pro life. I am just totally consumed with grief. I wish we'd have had the opportunity to adopt a child.... still waiting. It's hard to believe the children are being killed when so many of us want to adopt....

Amy said...

Great post and Amen! Amy

Tama said...

Thanks for the great post! Your on my blog too.

somebody said...