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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Adoption Month...Reece's Rainbow

Reece's Rainbow is an International Down Syndrome Orphan Ministry. Their website features children from all over that have various special needs with a focus on Down Syndrome. I have followed the story of several families who have adopted children from this website and it's amazing the difference in these children when they are "home" and loved.

The website is loaded with lots of resources, pictures of waiting children, and special projects to benefit and bless the children and this ministry. Check them out at

All this month the Reece's Rainbow Blog will be featuring families that have adopted special needs children. Make sure you have a tissue handy (or maybe it's just me!) but I read these stories and just cry. Mostly from happiness that these often overlooked children now are living in homes where they are valued, appreciated and so loved.

Each child is "fearfully and wonderfully made" no matter what society says! Go and check out these websites and then don't forget to pray for these precious children that still wait. Who knows, God might have your future son or daughter/or both, waiting there for you!!!