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Thursday, November 13, 2008

You Are Not Going To Believe This....

Extreme Home Makeover is here! Well, not here really, but right over the mountain! They have been working since last Friday and the family is scheduled to come home tomorrow between 2-3 PM. We tried to drive over last weekend but they have the road barricaded. Bummer! They are running shuttles back and forth and we were going to go today but it was pouring rain so....guess we'll have to wait until it airs in January. My sister-in-law has already invited us over to her house to watch it. I am not braving the crowds of people tomorrow with my 4 little ones to say "Move that bus". Now, that would be insanity!!
If you want to follow their progress you can check it out here

I am so excited for the family! Apparently the theme of this years season is "Community Heroes" and this family is very involved in the special needs community. They have 3 sons and 2 are autistic. Very well deserving!

Again I say what a great show and what a blessing they are to so many!