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Monday, December 1, 2008

A 12 Day Devotional for Kids...

Many years ago I wrote a devotional for our boys for Christmas. It's titled "A Journey To Christmas." We've talked about getting it published for many years but we put our money to better use by adopting our 4 precious children instead. Every year when I unpack our Christmas decorations and find it I always sit down and read it to the kids. This year, I thought some one else may want to copy it and share it with their children to prepare for the miraculous event of Jesus' birth. So, if you are interested please click on over and enjoy! I'll have the link on my sidebar. I promise to have all the pages posted by Tuesday evening!!
Would so love to hear your feedback if you do use it with your children.


Debbie B said...

You can search for a place online that will publish it for cheap and can then be sold online. I am almost positive I saw a site that does that.

I love Day 1. It's so simple for kids to hear and fun.
If you do publish it I would likely buy a few copies for our family.

Wife to the Rockstar said...

How wonderful. I am going to go check it out for sure!

crispy said...

Just read day 1 to the girls. I will try and make the effort to read it each day. THanks for sharing.

somebody said...