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Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Boy....

Words can't express what this boy means to me! We are so proud to be his mom and dad. Not many 17 year olds would make a run to the Dollar Store and buy a whole bag of goodies for his little brother's birthday but Zack did. Connor was shooting his cap gun most of the afternoon. :)

He is an amazing big brother and Sean and I just love to watch him interact with the little ones. They all adore him and love to climb all over him. He's like a human jungle gym!LOL! When they hear his jeep come home (and trust me, you can HEAR his jeep, LOL!) they run to the stairs and yell "Zack's home".

When we first began discussing adoption, next to Sean, Zachary was the biggest proponent. He absolutely did NOT want any other kids in our family. He didn't like change and couldn't imagine loving this child/children. Amazing how God works.....Zachary was the one who actually pushed for Gabriella's adoption when we were scared of her health issues. And Nolan....when we discussed the idea of adopting an African American with the older boys Zachary wasn't sure how he felt about it but when we learned of Nolan, Zack's heart was changed and he loves Nolan and thinks he is wonderful (of course!LOL!)

God has done amazing things in this boy and through him. We can't wait to see what God has planned for him!! Go God!!


Jill said...

Ok, I just got all caught up on your blog!

You are one blessed Mommy!

The children are all precious! Wow Nolan can't get much cuter that is for sure!

So nice to hear how God is blessing you through your faithfulness in Him!

Hugs and blessings!

Tereasa said...

Boys are special, aren't they? As the oldest of only girls, I wasn't sure I'd know how to take care of boys. Turns out, they are wonderful!!

crispy said...

I always love when you post a lot so I can catch up on your family.

How neat to see your older kids thrive and be such an example of love.

And...I love the pinata idea. I have never thought of a box or a bag. Cool.

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Wife to the Rockstar said...

Wow...he sounds amazing. You are blessed!

somebody said...