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Monday, December 15, 2008

So Much To Say, So Little Time....

Oh my! Where does my time go?! Blogging helps me to remember all the little things my mind quickly forgets so with that here are some of the recent highlights in our home.

Each evening we are doing a devotional book about the Jesse Tree for Advent. The one devotional was about Adam and Eve and sin. We talked about what sin was and why we need Jesus in our hearts. Gabriella asked if she could have Jesus in her heart and then proceeded to pray. Not to be outdone, Kyalynn bowed her head, clasped her hands together and prayed the most heartfelt prayer asking Jesus into her heart and life. The amazing thing is that although Kyalynn's speech is choppy and hard to understand sometimes when she prayed it was perfect, every word was understandable!! I cried and cried. God is so awesome to allow me the privilege of being there when each of my 5 children have prayed this prayer!

Kyalynn has lost her first tooth! When we realized it was loose we began prepping her for when the tooth would be gone because Kyalynn does not like change and a hole where a tooth used to be could be WAY too much change for her! LOL! Sean tried to pull it out a couple of times but she fought him tooth and nail. It's finally gone and she hasn't freaked out yet about the magic hole in her mouth so that's a good thing. :)

Nolan is cutting his 2 bottom teeth. Poor little guy. He has a cold on top of it and has been quite miserable the last 2 days. The teeth are out and those babies are sharp! LOL! He dares you to put your finger in there....!!

With the holiday season in full swing we have been busy making memories with our family traditions. One of the favorites of the little ones are the Rudolph pancakes and Frosty the Snowman pancakes. Yum! We also spent a whole day baking cookies with grammy (my mom) and making graham cracker houses. (Much easier for mommy than the gingerbread house) Nolan loves looking at the Christmas tree lights and Kyalynn loves the Christmas Carousel that plays Christmas music. Gabriella loves hearing the Christmas stories that have been read since Zack and Ryan were little and Connor loves watching all the fun Christmas videos. His favorite is Santa Claus is coming to town.

We had our annual family Christmas party last Saturday and I must say this years was not nearly as exciting as last years....but that's a good thing! Read about last year here Connor was so excited to see his best friend/cousin Sebastian. He talked about him all year since last Christmas. In Connor's mind, that's his only cousin although he has a slew of others. LOL! There were a bunch of new little ones this year...that family tree just keeps growing and growing.

It's hard to believe Christmas is only 10 days away! I best get busy!! I had the brainy idea of making each of the little ones a homemade sock monkey in all of my spare time. HA! So that means after all the little ones are asleep I'm feverishly working for several hours to get these things finished. The count so far....1! One done and 3 more to go! And to be honest, my sock monkey looks more like a spider monkey and his nose is a bit crooked. LOL! I am NOT a crafter. I have all these grand visions but the finished product usually looks MUCH different. :) Oh well, hopefully it will be an heirloom of love for each of them to maybe someday give to their children. I hope to post pictures of them when they are finished but please promise you won't laugh!!