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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Yesterday Was....

Connor's 6th birthday!!
He couldn't decide between Spiderman and Diego (his current favorites!) so we did Diego on the cake and had a homemade Spiderman pinata.
We always make our own pinatas. We have done paper mache, boxes, but our favorite is to take a cheap Dollar Store gift bag and reinforce it with duct tape on the inside. Fill with candy and goodies, hang and break. Kyalynn had the winning "break" last night. LOL!
Connor has been counting down to his special day for a whole month! Every time the phone rang yesterday he thought it was someone calling to wish him a happy birthday, and actually, in all cases but 2, it was! :)
Happy Birthday Connor! Life with you is never dull! LOL!
We love you tttttthhhhhiiiiisssss much!


Donna said...

Happy Birthday Connor! My daughter, Jennifer, is celebrating her 16th birthday tomorrow! Isn't it great getting to celebrate your birthday the same month we celebrate Jesus' birthday?!? I always told Jennifer she was born so close to Jesus' birthday because she was extra special! I bet your Mom tells you that too! :)

somebody said...