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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

7 Months...

It's so hard to believe Nolan Elijah is now 7 months!! He is such an absolute gem. He has the best personality....happy and content. The Lord knew how desperately I needed that, especially with all the other action the little's provide here on a daily basis. :)
Let's see....Nolan is now officially crawling and has 2 bottom teeth. He loves to be in all the action of everything. If he's in the walker in the kitchen and the little's are in the living room he will push himself into the living room just to be with them. He loves to sit on my lap as I bathe the little's each night and help dry their hair with the towel. He happily chews on their stuffed animals as we do our nightly routine with them and loves it when they kiss him all up. Gabriella is a little mommy and helps put his diaper on, feeds him, and loves to talk and play with him. She has a baby doll that she carries (it's a girl) and she named her Nolan. To Kyalynn every baby she sees she calls Nolan. :)
We are so enjoying every minute with him. I just love holding him in my arms, him snuggled down in, me singing and him falling to sleep. Nothing sweeter!
Happy 7 months little man!!