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Friday, January 23, 2009

Amazing Love...

There were a couple of days this week that were marked by excruciating angst.
Let's just say, I have this one child that pushes ALL of my buttons.
What I don't understand is, why?
I'm a pleaser personality and so in my brain, I think,
wouldn't you want to just do the right things?
Why would you want to cause all this turmoil?
But I do believe his brain is thinking....why not?! LOL!
In the midst of all that I find it propelling me
into the heart of God like nothing else could.
He is my only strength.
I am entirely too weak to do this in my own strength!
As I am there, pounding on God's chest
asking Him why He's given me this incredibly exhausting, big job
of being a mommy to these children, He doesn't get angry with me.
He doesn't push me away or yell.
Instead, He looks deeply into my eyes,
wraps His supporting, loving arms around me
and just let's me get it all out.
You see, my God is big enough to handle my anger, my questions, my fears.
When I'm finally done,
He just smiles and says,
"I'm glad you are here. Let me hold you awhile."
Oh, how I desperately need that comfort, that love.
It reminds me, calls me back to the center of
Now refreshed, I reach out my arms to this child
and pray that I can reflect Christ to him.
And with God's strength, I will.
I can do all things thru Christ which gives me strength. Phillipians 4:13


Lisa said...

Thank you for sharing this, Lisa. It's like you were sharing my heart. :)

Debbie B said...

Great post. Thanks for sharing. We're working on getting our daughter to sleep better at night and I am praying for patience like never before. Just reading your words of comfort and God's arms wrapped around you give me a little more strength to make it through the night.

somebody said...