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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Field Trip....

Life has been intense this week so I decided this morning we needed a field trip. I called my partner in crime (aka: my mom!) :) and coerced her into going along with me and the little ones. We took the kids to the State Museum. It was free and had just enough stuff to keep them interested but not enough to spend hours there. Actually, it was quite interesting and Connor could have been a tour guide. LOL! He knew the names of animals and what the indians were doing and even about the dinosaurs. Made this mommy proud!!
The woman at the information desk took to the kids right away and followed us back to the coat area. She asked where my beautiful children were from and said her daughter wants to adopt. Connor made quite an impression with her right away by telling her that if he saw any dinosaurs he was going to shoot them with his gun (which was a rolled up piece of paper!) She was so excited to show him the skull of a Tyrannosaurus Rex and watch his reaction. He didn't disappoint. LOL!
Now, if you were to ask my cherubs what their favorite part of the museum was you'd hear it was the.........ESCALATOR! LOL! Yep, you bet. I drive over an hour, we walk in the freezing cold, and that was their favorite part?! Kids!! LOL!
Then to top it off we stopped at their favorite place for lunch.....McDonald's. Now you need to understand with all these little ones we don't ever eat at the restaurant. We just bring it home to eat it but today we ate inside and Connor was so tickled. He says "mommy today is a special Connor day, we went to the museum and now we are going to eat inside Old Macdonalds." Of course, then when mom and I were inside trying to juggle Nolan who thinks he should be able to eat cheeseburgers and french fries too it all came flooding back to me quite clearly as to why we go home to eat. It's just so much EASIER! LOL!
Thanks mom, for being such a good sport and for helping to create these wonderful memories for the little's!! We love you!