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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ryan Turns 15....

So today is a monumental day in our house. Ryan is one year closer to driving. Oh my! LOL! In honor of his 15th I'm going to walk down memory lane just a bit.

Between Zachary and Ryan we had a miscarriage. When I finally did get pregnant with Ryan I had a whole host of problems. About the 4 month mark my Dr. decided we needed to begin seeing a specialist. So we did. Often. It was labeled a high risk pregnancy and we were "counseled" about the possible problems that awaited us and our "options". Thank God that Sean and I were on the same page and were not interested in any "options" besides giving birth to this baby God had given us. That's not to say we weren't fearful or concerned because that would be a lie. We were very worried, especially me. When he was born he was blue and didn't breathe for what seemed like forever. Sean held his breath until he finally heard his soft cry. And all those problems.....were nonexistent. Thank you Lord!
We say Ryan has always kept us on our toes beginning in pregnancy. LOL! He has always been a ball of energy and if I could bottle it and sell it we'd be millionaires. :) In fact, as a toddler he had the affectionate nickname of "buzzy" because he was always buzzing. LOL! He has the biggest, most compassionate heart and we know God has big plans for him.
Happy, happy birthday Ryan. You are the best!!! We love you with all of our hearts!