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Monday, January 26, 2009

Sick Bay....

Our living room is taking on the unfortunate appearance of a sick bay. Runny, stuffy noses, high fevers, and crankiness.
It all started with Ryan but life in a large family means everyone will probably each have their turn. Oooh, how fun. NOT!
The good news is Ryan is on the upswing. Nolan's fever has broke and he is being a bit more active but last night Kyalynn was hit full force with it. Sean's such a great daddy. He slept on the (hard!) floor beside her most of the night because I was tending to Nolan. She wasn't singing at the top of her lungs this morning which definately means she isn't feeling well. :) Poor thing. She can't articulate what hurts, she just keeps saying boo-boo and pray. She is so sweet. She was sound asleep on couch with her hands clasped. It looked like she was deep in prayer. :)
Nolan only wants mommy which is so cute except when it's constantly. :) He wants me to hold him nonstop and if I try to lay him down he instantly starts crying and reaching for me. He has to be holding onto my shirt and touching my skin at all times. LOL! He did play a bit last night (without holding onto me!) and seems to be wanting to eat again so I believe he's on the upswing as well.
'Tis the season for this yuck. Just glad I can be home loving and cuddling with them.