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Monday, February 16, 2009

He Done Good.....

Sean totally blew me away for Valentine's! I knew we would be celebrating on Friday night with dinner out, just the two of us. I mean, come on, that's pretty exciting, just the two of us....I'm usually surrounded by little people. LOL! So when we returned to the bottom of our driveway he blindfolded me and continued to drive. I had no idea what he had planned and no one else did either because I asked everyone for details but they had none! LOL! When I finally took off the blindfold I couldn't believe my eyes. We were in a hotel room...the bed covered in chocolates... tables with roses and candles and music. I, of course, said "we can't afford this, what about the kids?" His plan was to allow me to stay in the hotel room for the night alone! Did you hear that?! Alone! He said this way I could finally get a full nights sleep without interruptions. WOW! Now, to many of you this doesn't sound romantic but to a mom of many it sounded heavenly! :) When he left the silence was deafening and I will admit I was lonely. No little eyes watching me as I showered. No little Gabriella asking me what I was doing, where I was going, and can she come too. I actually had to get my own toilet paper because when I am at home Gabriella (my siamese twin!) needs to be with me in the bathroom and always gets my toilet paper for me and helps me wash my hands. (See the need for alone time?! LOL!)
Sean had planned well and had packed my Bible, devotionals and a book for me to read. He also had my bathing suit (in case I wanted to swim) pajamas and everything else I would need. It was a wonderful Valentine's Day and I'm blessed to be so loved.