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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Kyalynn's Wild Adventure...

Once upon a time there was a beautiful, Asian princess who thought she was big enough to ride her sled down the snowy hill all by herself. So she grabbed her sled and pulled it to the top of the hill, sat down and proceeded down this hill in a stomach-tickling (alarming!) rate. She managed (only God!) to dodge various large and hard trees and finally stopped by running into a soft pine tree! Daddy, who had no idea Kyalynn was on a wild adventure, decided to look and see where she was and saw her trudging up said hill saying "oh, are you alright?" Sean noticed the sled tracks and put 2 and 2 together and realized what had happened. Where was mommy you ask? Well, she had taken Gabriella for bloodwork and then on to Nolan's doctor appointment. Later when mommy came home she was told this story by her eldest son. Needless to say, mommy's jaw was hanging on the ground and she was in disbelief. LOL! Kyalynn is just fine and I actually think she enjoyed her wild adventure because she keeps saying things like, "are you alright?" and "watch out for the tree" and "sled?" During prayer time last night she kept repeating these things and then would smile and clap her hands together. LOL!
Now to make it a bit more clear as to why mommy didn't like the idea of Kyalynn having a wild adventure......the above hill...well actually it isn't a hill it's a mountain! We live on the top of a mountain and trust me when I say it goes straight(!) down. We are surrounded by trees, really, really big trees. And although Kyalynn thinks she is Miss Independent, because of her special needs we need to watch her closely. (!) LOL!
Sean has learned his lesson and knows now to keep his eyes on her because she is quick. LOL! Don't get the wrong impression, Sean is a wonderful daddy and is very attentive. Yesterday, however, that brief moment of time he had his eyes off of her was just long enough for Kyalynn's Wild Adventure. LOL!!