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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Thank You!!...

We were so blessed by all the prayers, emails and comments for our sweet Gabriella. She is doing good, thank God! I was able to speak with the nurse at the Specialist office on Friday. She had just received the reports and was concerned with the numbers too so had already spoken with the Doctor. We raised her medicine, again, and go again this week for more bloodwork. We also discussed other possible ways to help Gabriella's medicine maintain at the correct numbers instead of bouncing up and down consistently. This is so hard on her little body. When her numbers are low we raise the medication. Then, most times, the results come back too high and we must lower the medication. If her numbers are too high it can cause kidney issues. Too low and it causes seizures and can be fatal. So.....we continue to pray, every night, for God to completely heal her, but until that time we will trust His sovereign plan in all of this.

I will admit that when I heard the numbers and couldn't reach the doctor, I did freak out a bit. Memories of last years seizures and subsequent hospital stays came to the forefront of my mind and fear gripped my heart. I would love to tell you that my faith was strong and I had no fear but that wouldn't be the truth. However, after I spoke my fears outloud we gathered all the little ones and each of us prayed over Gabriella. That worked wonders and I did begin to feel those tentacles of fear slowly releasing their grip from my heart. So, although I'm not a giant in the faithwalk yet I am getting there, step by step. After all, my faith is stronger than it was last year, last month even, so at least I'm on the journey. LOL!!

Thank you again for standing in the gap for us! It means more than words could say.....