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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Weakness Or Strength?.....

Something I've been thinking about.....

The world is made up of many kinds of people, some easier to love than others. Some people take alot more of our time and energy and give nothing or very little in return. Some people pull us down into their muck and mire and need us to help them back up. Some people hurt us because they've been hurt themselves.

Should we bother with these people? Should we sacrifice our time, emotions and energy for them? Or should we just look the other way? I've been told to expend my energy and effort on these people is a waste. That I'm weak for allowing people to take up my time with their needs and concerns but I don't see it like that. You see, Jesus Christ was willing to go to the dregs of society. He not only prayed for the lepers, he touched them, hugged them. He reached out to those no one else wanted to be bothered with. Was this weakness? No, it was strength. Strength to give of himself. Strength to love the unlovable. Strength to walk the dirty, ugly roads of their lives. Strength to always point them back to God. Yes, it's messy. Sometimes it hurts. Ok, alot of times it hurts. But when you see fruit...even just a teeny, tiny bit it makes all of it worthwhile. All of it!

So although others may see it as a weakness I choose to see it as a strength. After all, my desire is to be the Hands and Feet of Jesus and what better place to do that than with those that desperately need His touch.