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So, What's Up?....

I've missed posting so many interesting tidbits (at least to me!) due to lack of time. Things like our St. Patty's Day celebration of green food.....Nolan's first trip to the zoo.....Connor and Kyalynn both lost another tooth (the count is Connor-5, Kyalynn-2)....Zack and Sean riding the Yamaha 225 dirtbike on the pipeline (thanks Bailey!)......and me still trying to finish our taxes!! Yikes!

I know, I know, you are all on the edges of your seat! LOL! I'll spare you the post of me trying to give Connor a new haircut with pizazz and it ending umm....well, not what I had imagined. LOL! Oh well, his hair grows fast (at least that's what I kept telling Sean :) )

This past Sunday was the first time in almost 2 years that we were able to attend church together as a family! WOOHOO! It's crazy (*) but for about a year Sean and I would take turns every other Sunday while the other stayed home with the little ones. Then when I whined, I mean, asked nicely repeatedly :), S…

Please pray....

I know prayer is powerful. I know God hears every prayer. I know how encouraging it is to hear "I'm praying for you" and you know they really are. Prayer changes things. Sometimes the way we want, sometimes it doesn't change the situation, it instead changes us. Either way, God is in control so some may ask then why bother to pray? Well, because, it's our opportunity to be a part of the answer, to join with those needing prayer, to share the burdens of others. There is no greater responsibility or joy than to pray! With that said, I ask you to join with our family as we lift these needs up to our Father......

Please pray for Stellan and his family. This precious boy is a fighter. His heart is beating way too fast (in my non-medical terms) and he needs us to pray that it returns to normal rhythm. Please pray and then go to their blog to keep updated on Stellan's progress.

The Malone family came home this week from adopting 2 children to fi…

Serious.Life Magazine....

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You need to check this out! The March issue is now available. This is an online magazine put out by the Riggs family, remember sweet little Abby who is fighting cancer? This is her dad's brainchild. It is 190 pages filled with photos, wonderful stories about life topics such as adoption, finances, spiritual life and my favorite, the humor section!!

What a blessing and it's FREE! so take a minute and check it out. You'll be glad you did.

The Korean Connection Plus One...

Call On Jesus....

I'm so very ordinary
Nothing special on my own
I have never walked on water
I have never calmed a storm
Sometimes I'm hiding away from the madness around me
Like a child who's afraid of the dark

But when I call on Jesus
All things are possible
I can mount on wings like eagles and soar
When I call on Jesus
Mountains are gonna fall
He'll move heaven and earth to
Come rescue me when I call

Weary brother
Broken daughter
Widowed, widowed lover
You're not alone
If you're tired and scared of the madness
around you
If you can't find the strength to carry on


Call Him in the mornin'
In the afternoon time
Late in the evenin'
He'll be there
When your heart is broken
And you feel discouraged
You can just remember that He said
He'll be there


~Nicole C. Mullen~

I Guess We Should Feel Honored....

I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry. Or a little of both! You know the saying "God doesn't give you more than you can handle?" Well it seems we are testing that theory for accuracy here. LOL! I guess we should feel honored that He trusts us enough with all of this but honestly, I think He has us confused with some other family! LOL! Sean and I are clinging to His hem for dear life and most days involve tears (for me) but I'm trying to trust Him with all of it.

Here She Is....

Miss G sportin' her new glasses. As we drove home from picking them up it was the neatest thing. Gabriella kept saying "mommy, do you see the ABC's?" or "mommy, I see cars" or "mommy, look flags". She was very animated seeing the world clearly for the first time! She is doing pretty well with keeping them on and only once did she rip them off her face and say "no glasses" while trying to snap them in half because she was angry about something I asked her to do. So I took them and made her sit on her bed awhile to think and when I returned she was rubbing her eyes and saying they hurt. Needless to say, she was very happy to get her glasses back so she could see again!

The Many Faces of Connor...

I Know I'm Biased But...

Look at this picture..... God's beauty and Ryan's camera skills! Just gorgeous!!

Hammin' For The Cam...

We were visiting an old resevoir and the landscape is huge and breathtaking. Ryan positioned each of the little's on the edge so it would show them juxtaposed against the expanse of land. Unfortunately, none of those pics came out real well because they were terrified of falling off the edge (although they were far from the edge) and their faces showed it. :) So I thought I'd post this one because he had the camera on timer and he kept running back and forth until we got that "perfect" one. LOL!

His Promise....

"God doesn't promise to save us from trials. In fact He promises trials, but in those trials He gives us "more than a victory because of Christ who loves us" (Romans 8:37). Then we are stronger than before, just as muscles are made strong by exercise." (The Promise Bible ~based on Daniel 3:1-30)
"They came out, and the king's high officials, governors, and advisors all crowded around them. The men were not burned, their hair wasn't scorched, and their clothes did not even smelllike smoke." Daniel 3:27

Yesterday Gabriella saw her specialist and then was sent for her ultrasound because they thought kidney stones were causing the blood in her urine. There was one radiologist in the room and she started the procedure and after a couple minutes of looking at her kidney asked me why Gabriella's doctor referred her. Everything proceeded on for a bit but I just had this feeling like something wasn't quite right. Then she called another radiologis…

Picture Fiesta...

Gabriella Update....

Well Miss G's health seems to keep us on our toes around here. LOL! For the last week and a half she has had blood in her urine. Sometimes alot sometimes not much but this past Sunday...whoa man! It was scary! I had spoken to the specialists' nurse about it but after seeing all that blood on Sunday we grew concerned. She and the Dr. feel it might be kidney stones which is amazing to me because I always thought kidney stones were so painful and she only complained one time and that was yesterday. So, tomorrow she sees the specialist then on to get an ultrasound done as well. Then Thursday she has an appointment with a pediatric eye specialist because she's been complaining about pain in her eyes alot. I'm so thankful that we have these pediatric specialists but don't look forward to the long drive. I guess Miss G and I will have to turn the radio up and SING! LOL! Praying for answers and good results!


Ryan's Photos

This is a shot of Ryan's photography display at the library. It's not the best but trying to keep 4 little ones QUIET at the library isn't very fun. LOL! Apparently, someone really liked his daisy picture as it was stolen out of the locked display window. It must have been an inside job....
Anyways, he has sold 2 of the photos so far and has one more a pretty sure sale as well. It was a great opportunity and boosted his confidence level with his picture skills. Well done Ryan!!
Earlier this week he and his best friend were invited to an older gentleman's home who has been an artist for over 40 years. Talk about experience! He showed them his artwork and shared his insight on their work. He was so gracious to give each of them one of his paintings and he also gave Ryan a huge book about photography. What a blessing!