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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Gabriella Update....

Well Miss G's health seems to keep us on our toes around here. LOL! For the last week and a half she has had blood in her urine. Sometimes alot sometimes not much but this past Sunday...whoa man! It was scary! I had spoken to the specialists' nurse about it but after seeing all that blood on Sunday we grew concerned. She and the Dr. feel it might be kidney stones which is amazing to me because I always thought kidney stones were so painful and she only complained one time and that was yesterday. So, tomorrow she sees the specialist then on to get an ultrasound done as well. Then Thursday she has an appointment with a pediatric eye specialist because she's been complaining about pain in her eyes alot. I'm so thankful that we have these pediatric specialists but don't look forward to the long drive. I guess Miss G and I will have to turn the radio up and SING! LOL! Praying for answers and good results!


crispy said...

I am sure you are concerned. Let us know what happens. Praying for answers and comfort for you.