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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Please pray....

I know prayer is powerful. I know God hears every prayer. I know how encouraging it is to hear "I'm praying for you" and you know they really are. Prayer changes things. Sometimes the way we want, sometimes it doesn't change the situation, it instead changes us. Either way, God is in control so some may ask then why bother to pray? Well, because, it's our opportunity to be a part of the answer, to join with those needing prayer, to share the burdens of others. There is no greater responsibility or joy than to pray! With that said, I ask you to join with our family as we lift these needs up to our Father......

Please pray for Stellan and his family. This precious boy is a fighter. His heart is beating way too fast (in my non-medical terms) and he needs us to pray that it returns to normal rhythm. Please pray and then go to their blog to keep updated on Stellan's progress.

The Malone family came home this week from adopting 2 children to find that their youngest bio son was sick, very sick. At this point, they are doing transfusions and will be doing testing tomorrow to figure out if than can rule out leukemia. Mr. Malone is fighting double pneumonia, they have 2 brand new children to help transition into their family and then this. Please be on your knees for each of them. They so need our faithful prayers.

Please keep my dear friend Dana in prayer. They have been waiting a LONG time to finally hold their newest adopted child/ren. Adoption is not for the weak or faint of heart and honestly, they have shown such faith and perseverance but they are tired, oh so tired. Please pray for a BREAKTHROUGH and that the barriers will be REMOVED and their precious babe/s will FINALLY be in their aching arms.

And let's not forget dear, sweet Abby Riggs. They posted a picture of her on their blog. Go look at it and I promise you won't forget to pray for her.

The need for prayer is great. My heart breaks at all the pain these, and so many other families, are enduring. Although I don't understand why, I do know Who is in control. As we too face potentionally bad news in regards to Gabriella's kidney diagnosis, all we can do is say "Yes, Lord" and cling, and I mean desperately cling to Him.


Dana said...

Hopefully, we'll have a new member of the family by the end of the week. The paperwork is still an issue. Now they want clearances on Matt (who is 17)! He already had them done when he was 14. John's FBI runs out April 8th. It's been a lot of hurry up and wait. Trusting God.... I think I am packing the car with the little ones and starting to head for Florida on Monday. Stepping out in faith!

Blessed Mom of 8 said...

Oh AMEN Lisa! Praying for all of these needs with you! Clinging to Him right along with you!

Hugs and love!

somebody said...