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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

So, What's Up?....

I've missed posting so many interesting tidbits (at least to me!) due to lack of time. Things like our St. Patty's Day celebration of green food.....Nolan's first trip to the zoo.....Connor and Kyalynn both lost another tooth (the count is Connor-5, Kyalynn-2)....Zack and Sean riding the Yamaha 225 dirtbike on the pipeline (thanks Bailey!)......and me still trying to finish our taxes!! Yikes!

I know, I know, you are all on the edges of your seat! LOL! I'll spare you the post of me trying to give Connor a new haircut with pizazz and it ending umm....well, not what I had imagined. LOL! Oh well, his hair grows fast (at least that's what I kept telling Sean :) )

This past Sunday was the first time in almost 2 years that we were able to attend church together as a family! WOOHOO! It's crazy (*) but for about a year Sean and I would take turns every other Sunday while the other stayed home with the little ones. Then when I whined, I mean, asked nicely repeatedly :), Sean decided we would all go for worship together and then one would stay with the older boys and the other would take the little ones home and we would switch. So, that's what we've been doing for quite some time until this past Sunday! We practiced church all week and primed them ahead of time for the big day. They did pretty good, not perfect, but hey, it's their first week so I know they will do better as we go. Actually, it was Nolan who didn't want to cooperate with being quiet. :) He thought he needed to shatter the church quiet with his giggles and ma-ma-ma-ing.LOL! Ok, ok, I will admit that we did bribe them a little with McDonald's cheeseburgers if they were quiet and well behaved. They are already talking about eating cheeseburgers this Sunday. Hmmm....I hope they don't equate church with cheeseburgers but at this age that would probably be a good thing because they think cheeseburgers from McDonald's are "heavenly"! LOL!

*We tried to have the kids in class but with their various issues we felt it just wasn't right for them, the other children or the teacher. We hope that this will be the first step into helping them transition into their classes at some point.*

My other exciting news is that this year I am FINALLY going to have the garden of my dreams! Well, that is if I don't kill everything with my black thumb! LOL! At least I've got vision, desire, and hope, now hopefully that will fill in the gaps of my lack of gardening knowledge and skills, my lack of time, (pulling weeds? that's what I've got kids for!LOL!) and produce a bountiful crop. Well at least it will be another adventure and you know us...we love adventure! LOL!!


crispy said...

Sure have missed you. THanks for posting and letting us know that you are doing OK.

Alisa Rife said...

Thank you Lisa! That is so sweet and encouraging! I love you!!!! =]]

Christine said...

That is awesome! I love to garden when I have the time!

Tereasa said...

I can sooooo relate to children's issues and church. (This has been one of our hardest of the reasons we had to get out of full time ministry for a while.) There should be a book written about it, don't ya think? I am glad it went well and pray that you can continue enjoying that time as a family.

somebody said...