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Monday, April 20, 2009

Disney on Ice...

Saturday we were so blessed by Sean's parents (the grands!) for all of us (except for the 2 oldest who weren't interested in seeing Disney, go figure! LOL!) to attend Disney on Ice. It was a surprise for the littles and we weren't sure how Kyalynn would do but they all did great! Even Nolan who sat on my lap content the whole time. He is such a gem! :)
The show was excellent! I loved seeing Connor's face when he saw Buzz Lightyear and the Beast from Beauty and the Beast. Kyalynn was so excited she kept clapping her hands and feet together for the Lion King part and when Mulan was skating she kept telling me she wanted to go down there (to the ice) and so I told her she could stand up and dance at her seat. I don't know, maybe God gave me a glimpse of her future?! Maybe she will dance or skate. No matter what His plans for her, they will be good, He promises. (Jeremiah 29:11) Gabriella was harder to read as she sat completely still and emotionless the whole time. As we left I was carrying her and asking her what she thought and she said she liked it and her favorite part was Mickey Mouse wearing the princess dress (Minnie Mouse!LOL!) She has since talked about Minnie Mouse alot and keeps telling me just how much she really liked her dress as she spins around in a circle. This girl and her dresses! :)
I'll admit I did get emotional a couple of times. I know, you are thinking how can you get emotional about Disney, right?! But the emotions came when I saw my childrens' faces, their excitement and joy, when I thought how this is the first time they've ever seen something like that and how different their lives might have been if they had not been adopted, and how much they are all loved. God is so good!

Thank you grandma and grandpa for blessing us yet again! You guys are the best!! We love you!


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