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Monday, April 13, 2009


Today Miss Gabriella turns 4 years old! She has been counting down to her birthday for quite some time. Every time we celebrate a birthday she asks "when is Gab's birthday?" So...FINALLY we can say Happy Birthday Gabriella!

In honor of turning 4 I want to tell you four of her favorite things:
1. Chocolate
2. Fish Sticks
3. Chicken
4. Zachary (her big brother!)

4 of her favorite things to say:
1. NO!
2. Because I don't want to...
3. I want to watch you mommy...
4. I love you.

And 4 things I love about this girl:
1. She's brave.
2. She's a survivor.
3. She don't take no bull, from anyone! LOL! We don't call her Ms. Attitude for nothing! :)
4. Her heart

She loves to wear dresses, be a mommy to her baby dolls, and just hover around me. God has big plans for you, my sweet girl! Don't ever forget just how much He loves you and remember, we love you higher than the mountains, deeper than the oceans, more than you will ever know!

Happy 4th Birthday!!!