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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Good News!....

We just returned from Gabriella's appointment with the Kidney Specialist and now we can finally breathe again!! She has a kidney disease called Nephrocalcinosis(sp?). In her case, this disease is caused by her other disease, really the medication she is on to regulate her levels. At this point she will just be monitored with ultrasounds and urinalysis unless things would change. It seems that she has a higher prevalancy towards kidney stones because of the above and so we will be watching her for signs of that. But, honestly, Sean and I were so relieved to hear that this isn't something fatal or that she would need more medications, etc. The Dr. did say this disease can have the potential to worsen and cause disease to the kidneys, which of course, can take things on a downhill slide fast but she feels as long as we monitor her she won't go in that direction. So, we are rejoicing today and thank you all for your prayers for our sweet girl. We so appreciate it!!